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Zipcar no joining fee!! (Normally £19) ** No referrals pls **
Found 17th Sep 2018Found 17th Sep 2018
No fee to join the Zip car rental. Usually its £19. Easy to apply online and you will get your card from the post.Fuel, insurance and mileage is usually included in every rental. A… Read more
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Could somebody kindly let me use their referral code please? Thanks


@kevinbrook13 interesting point. I saw TCB has £5.25 for new members. Is this free cash? Its worth someone verifying and then OP updating. Shame I forgot to check before I signed up. FYI I had no issues with signing up. Free basic account was available to click. Heat added. Thanks OP


Dont waste yiur time, last step on rgeistering is full insurance cover (no excess) is extra 15 a month. So expect tons of charges for scratces that you missed to see. Alot of bad reviews.


Good point, let me change postcode.....


Maybe the basic rate is only for London?

ZipCar - Free Cashback (£15.00 - £42.00) - Free Registration (£0.00) - Free Credit (£25.00)
Found 16th Oct 2017Found 16th Oct 2017
ZipCar - Free Cashback (£15.00 - £42.00) - Free Registration (£0.00) - Free Credit (£25.00)
Topcashback £21.00 - ZipCar - £15.75 - ZipVan - £42.00 - ZipCar for Business - https://www.topcash… Read more

My cashback was declined.


Thanks OP, free money! (y)


I can't see an option to sign up for free... Am I missing something?


It’s a form a very short term car hire (I think in 30 mins minimum). Usually charge for registering. So if you’re likely to use the service then use the VoucherBox link to get £25 credit to use. If you’re unlikely to use it the just sign up for free anyway using TCB for cash back


Applies to completed applications for new members only.Customers must sign up from the landing page which this website directs them to, they must not open a new window or browser to sign up.Driving credit must be used within 30 days of sign up.One per person.Please also see the retailer's standard terms and conditions for purchase as listed on their site.Cashback will not be paid in conjunction with any other offer, voucher or discount code unless listed on this page, or with any other discounts such as staff or student discountsCashback may not be paid on VAT, delivery, card payment fees, taxes or any other additional charges

Zipcar membership [basic] Free for limited time (London Only) normally £19
Found 22nd Aug 2017Found 22nd Aug 2017
Zipcar membership [basic] Free for limited time (London Only) normally £19
Zipcar has totally overhauled its membership package. You can now join for FREE for a limited period if you are in London . See here for details . You have nothing to lose by s… Read more

Thanks OP, sub'd. Quidco tracked £20. Fingers crossed!


£20 tcb tracked will see...


Same here. I was a member from the start. Initially it was free - then moved to £25 py. I only used it a couple of times so it wasn't worth it & I cancelled. Have re-joined for free now. I think they've cottoned on that for the very occasional user the annual sub system doesn't work.


Wasnt sure at first it if would be free, as was an existing member on a £25 per year thing, but when you go to the 'plan' page in your account, click to change, it confirms it will be free there.


I have changed to the Basic account as mentioned in this deal. I was on ZipCar/Streetcar dual thing at £25 a year. From what I can see the Basic account is about two quid extra per hour to hire the car. However, in the last twelve months I've used it once , for an hour costing £7! the whole year before then I used it a total of zero times for my £25 annual fee... so handy as my reniewal is is in two weeks so switching to this free offer saved me £25, as I prob won't use the service at all in the next year! thanks op!

Free annual membership to ZipCar
Found 19th Aug 2016Found 19th Aug 2016
Free annual membership to ZipCar
It says that it's a 50% discount is you use the code they give you automatically during the sign up process. But if you use code SUMMER16, it seems to be 100% off. PSA attached im… Read more

It's the image attached to this deal. you should be able to either screenshot it or download it.


Did you upload it somewhere before submitting the deal? If so, could you share the link with me? Tbh, i doubt it's going to charge me, its just incase. Appreciate the help mate


Can you not use the screenshot attached to the deal?


Hi guys, does anyone have a screenshot of the confirmed code they can share with me? It all went through correct for me and said something like 'Summer discount £59.95 + £18 credit' but when i just called to give them my DVLA code, she mentioned that i have the half price membership. So just want a bit of evidence to back the deal up if possible... It wont let me get back to that screen now. Can anyone help?


Amazing! Thanks alot for this... need to move this weekend, so the timing couldn't have been better! Legend

ZipCar Membership £39.50 a year + £30 Free Driving Credit
Found 16th Dec 2014Found 16th Dec 2014
ZipCar Membership £39.50 a year + £30 Free Driving Credit
Just found this deal through my Fitness First member offers. Using the link - ZipCar for £39.50, which is a £20 saving from the usual price. Plus £30 free driving credit. I'm… Read more
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Nope :)


Just used this & registered. Got the £20 off. Many thanks


Do they actually check your fitness first membership?? :)


Is this for first time members ? Wouldn't mind renewing my membership


useful in the city

Free zipcar membership 'accessplan'
Found 1st Sep 2014Found 1st Sep 2014
Free zipcar membership 'accessplan'
So I just called up to cancel my zipcar membership as in don't use it much any more and was informed they can switch me to a free plan which is limited to weekdays only. This may … Read more

hourly car rental - world wide


Looks like Boris' bikes in london but with cars...


Dafuq is ZipCar? Never heard of them before.

Zipcar £40 Free Driving Credit
Found 9th Feb 2012Found 9th Feb 2012
Zipcar £40 Free Driving Credit
£40 Free driving credit if you join valid until 29/02/2012

I'm confused; when does this expire? The deal says valid until 29/02/2012, but it's May presently - how does that work?


missed out the groupon deal, it was £29.99 for the annual membership and £25 driving credit...


payment summary £0 Application fee: one-time only (non-refundable) £59.50 Occasional Driving Plan annual fee (renews automatically) total due: £59.50* what you pay today: £0* the remaining will be processed once you're approved–so remember to activate your Zipcard. * taxes may apply. the what you pay today, indeed does make this confusing


you are right about the free £40 driving credit offer. but you still have to pay the £59 annual fee, it does not say anywhere that you do not have to pay £59


So why say during the signup process.....

Free 1 Year 'Occasional Driving Plan' membership with Zipcar + Free £50 Credit (Using 'zipcarisbest' code) - Normally £50 A Year
Found 23rd Jun 2010Found 23rd Jun 2010
Free 1 Year 'Occasional Driving Plan' membership with Zipcar + Free £50 Credit (Using 'zipcarisbest' code) - Normally £50 A Year
After Streetcar said i cannot join them because of the 6 points on my licence, I got approved for a membership with Zipcar and they even credited my Zipcar account with £50. Zipcar… Read more

I used this code to join a few months ago. They were promoting it (in leaflets, not online) as an offer for members of other car clubs, although they never asked to see evidence that I was a member of another car club (or you could always join Connect By Hertz for free). They didn't charge anything to my card and gave me £25 driving credit to start with. Obviously this offer looks a bit different (£50 driving credit rather than £25), but I thought I'd share my experiences...


You're still saying that there is a saving of £100 - two lots of £50. According to your answer to Slash's question, you get your £50 membership back in the form of credit, *or* you could consider that instead of paying £50 membership and £50 credit up front, rather than getting your £50 back, you save on not having to pay the additional £50 credit to be in the same position. How much do you save? £50 or £100 (assuming that you would have paid the full amount if this deal did not exist)? How much do you need to pay in? The title says it's free. If it's only £50, don't try to tell us that you can count it twice. It it is £100, and it truly is free, it's extremely hot.


Well normally you have to pay £50 for the year and then on top of that, you start paying £50 for a days car hiring. So in theory you get the £50 back and you save paying the extra £50 for hiring a car.


So the title which states that you get free membership and £50 free credit is actually a lie then?


You could put it that way :thinking:

£25 annual fee + £50 free driving credit @ Zipcar
Found 4th Apr 2010Found 4th Apr 2010
£25 annual fee + £50 free driving credit @ Zipcar
Was just browsing for parking spaces in London and noticed this offer, remember seeing a similar the other day that was available instore at Waitrose, not as good and n… Read more
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good find, very hot, glad I didn't get round to going into marleybone waitrose.

£25 joining fee (for life) instead of £50 + £35 worth of driving credit @ Zipcar!
Found 2nd Apr 2010Found 2nd Apr 2010
£25 joining fee (for life) instead of £50 + £35 worth of driving credit @ Zipcar!
"ZipSters" are in some Waitrose over central London during the weekend . They are joining people to zipcar for £25 instead of £50. This annual fee will be kept for life (!) . On t… Read more

Anyone managed to get this today?


Wonder if they will let an existing member do this... it always seems unfair that new members get the great offers like this and existing members get nothing for there loyalty


nearest Zipcar is too far away from where i live in London. Im better off taking public transport. Shame D: If its 2 minutes walk, or even 10 minutes, i would heavily consider it.


heat from me


mpv's / streetvans run 7-9 quid an hour. so yes, renting would be cheaper in many cases. although convenience of renting over weekends when i need it most is ideal - rental cars you typically rent all weekend or find locations with after hour drop offs.