Zipcharge Quick Charger - Half Price at £24.99 (Firebox)

Zipcharge Quick Charger - Half Price at £24.99 (Firebox)

Found 29th Dec 2010
"What is ZipCharge?

The definitive way to power all your portable devices when on the move. Charging this pocket-size stick of dynamite for just 10 minutes will store enough power for 10 hours talk time on your mobile or 20 hours play time on your iPod."

Apparently a 1 min charge will give you enough power play with your ipod for another 2 hours, and a full 15 min charge will give this device enough to fully charge your smartphone. Not bad if your forever running out of juice.

Been looking at these for a while, but at £50, it just wasn't worth the risk. I might consider giving it a try now


Adapter Change Rate:
* 10 min: 90% capacity, 15 min: 100% capacity

"at 15 mins charge"
Our (aka optimistic) tests indicated that the Zip charge was equivalent to approx 43% of a full mains charge.

Power Storage:
* lithium cell with 1100mAh capacity

Above is the true specification, doesn't sound so flashy without the flowery words.
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I'm not sure, the idea is that this is for a quick boost. 1100mAh is just under what my phone holds, and there isn't a chance that that will fully charge in 15 mins. Add to that, if you were charging it before you went out, you would probably have your phone on charge 2, which would increase your lifespan even more... Hopefully these will be descent for a fast boost, im not expecting them to recharge my devices while i'm camping, i have other things for that, but if it helps in a pinch, i recon it might be worth 25 quid.

*edit - My dad came up with a novel use for this, charging e-cigarettes... They practically all recharge via usb and have tiny batteries in them, he always remembers they don't have enough charge before he goes out, and even a quick charge would likely carry enough to fill one of these.
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