ZMR:Closed Beta Keys Giveaway
ZMR:Closed Beta Keys Giveaway

ZMR:Closed Beta Keys Giveaway

ZMR (Zombies Monsters Robots) is a third-person action shooter in which players are pitted against an assortment of hostile creatures and bosses. The invention of teleportation technology has resulted in the cross dimensional co-mingling of humans, zombies, monsters and robots! Players cooperate together to battle a wide assortment of foes, from waved-based survival to boss fights, and other players. Jump into this exciting new title by En Masse Entertainment with our week-long beta key giveaway featuring access to an exclusive in-game weapon, the M870-ZK Shotgun! For all of your informational needs, be sure to visit the Official Wiki.

ZMR closed beta version 2.0 offers everything from the original beta, in addition to 4 new maps and game modes!

- Minesweeper - (co-op)
- Headshot Hotel (pvp)
- Rooftop Rumble (pvp)
- Area 51 (pvp)

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Not tried this one but really like Hazard Ops (very similar).
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