Zoflora Disinfectant Winter Spice @ Poundland for £1.00

Zoflora Disinfectant Winter Spice @ Poundland for £1.00

Found 30th Nov 2011
Child/Pet friendly disinfectant - well over a pound in the supermarkets - found this Christmassy one in Poundland - lovely cinnamon smell. Hope it helps someone.

Zolflora antibacterial disinfectant kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including MRSA, salmonella, listeria, pseudomonas, human herpes virus and the flu virus.
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smells lovely! Also had the 1001 carpet shake and vac type stuff in same scent in huddersfield branch, can smell christmassy while we clean!
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Damn - didnt see that - will have to look again - thanks for the heads up :-)
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I use a lot of zoflora - kids being sick, etc etc. - and sometimes the floral smells get a bit nauseating - but this one is gorgeous :-)
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