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ZoneAlarm® Free Antivirus + Firewall
Found 6th Jul 2012Found 6th Jul 2012
ZoneAlarm® Free Antivirus + Firewall
Just noticed this when looking at a new Anti-virus for a friends PC. Zonealarm are known for their firewalls but recently started doing Anti-Virus as well. This is the free versi… Read more

I've got the best virus protection ever..... ...its called a Mac.


I used to use their firewall up until the latest incarnation and had no end of issues and a nightmare to totally remove. I recommend Avast (for antivirus) to friends looking to get away from paid options - no problems with it in 5 years or so


Stuck this on a win 7 machine and it was ****. Free is free but even Avast, MSE and others offer working freebies


1500 infections?!? That's a lot of porn ... ehm, I mean 'social media'. To be honest I don't think there is anything massively wrong with zone alarm - while I was using it happily over the years I read other people complaining of experiences similar to my recent one - I suspect there are many people for whom it is working fine right now, it just won't play nice with my current setups. It is a big exe file though, and an unacceptable load on older pc's.


To be honest I've been fine with MSE and Windows firewall. However the PC I'm cleaning had over 1500 infections so basic stuff no good for him. Seriously considering putting Ubuntu on it as he doesn't seem to learn. Kids eh?

Zonealarm Firewall for Windows (Free)
Found 21st Feb 2012Found 21st Feb 2012
Zonealarm Firewall for Windows (Free)
In today's Internet world, it's very important to stay protected, I recommend Zonealarm Firewall, the free version has been around for many years and it's been an inportant tool fo… Read more
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The newest version of zonealarm has a complete graphical interface redesign, for me it's a lot faster than the older versions, this is why I am recommending it, it doesn't harm to have both a router and a firewall, zonealarm for me is a lot lighter on system resources with this new version.


lol what a blast from the past Zonealarm is ..isn't this the firewall software that students on "Ethical hacking" courses learn to hack first? Wouldn't trust it over the standard built in firewall tbh


The built-in Windows Firewall is fine and as a poster said before a Router will help too...


Its always been free, I think its overated myself now that Windows has an intergrated firewall.


Was it not always free? I prefer Comodo which is also free.

ZoneAlarm 2012 Extreme Security 3 PC - 1 Year £14.95 +  25% Quidco
Found 6th Aug 2011Found 6th Aug 2011
ZoneAlarm 2012 Extreme Security 3 PC - 1 Year £14.95 + 25% Quidco
Make sure you remove the backup CD and download it straight away. Link: PC Security Antiviru… Read more
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ZoneAlarm® DataLock £9 + poss 25% Quidco
Found 18th Dec 2010Found 18th Dec 2010
ZoneAlarm® DataLock £9 + poss 25% Quidco
Makes your laptop unreadable to others, even if it is lost or stolen. Hard Drive Encryption for laptops 24/7 Password Recovery Service Automatic, invisible operation Only £9 (Reg… Read more
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A think a few versions of Windows now have full disk encryption Bitlocker


This software only protects the hard drive. The thief just needs to change the hd and can use your laptop. A BIOS/HD lock is more secure.


Watch for problems with Truecrypt...such as -- incorrect password or not true crypt.volume---unless you have backup of volume headers your data is lost!!


I've used Truecrypt, it's free and does the same job: I also wouldn't trust Checkpoint software since they sent out a 'scareware' message through Zonealarm.


your link goes here: Responsys® Permission Marketing Policy :(

70% off ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 3 PC - 1 Year £15 + poss 25% Quidco
Found 18th Dec 2010Found 18th Dec 2010
70% off ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 3 PC - 1 Year £15 + poss 25% Quidco
ZoneAlarm® Extreme Security - Only £15! The most comprehensive suite on the market. Protects your PC, browser, and data.* Award-Winning Features • ZoneAlarm OSFirewall™ Protection… Read more
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bought zome alarm for one of my lap tops how do l add it to the others plz help


no worse than running 5 or 6 bits of software that all do the same job as one suite. found the new versions of Norton 2011 and Kaspersky 2011 had very little impact on my Win7 machine. best of all was Eset Smart Security. very very light


I thought zonealarm had switched to using kaspersky for their antivirus element, that should be better.


ALL security software will slow down your pc. You need to be careful and choose the type of protection you really need. Those "all-in" software packs will strain your system.


worst antivirus ive used. panda is much better

Zonelabs ZoneAlarm Pro Personal Firewall for your PC - Free license for today only
Found 13th Apr 2010Found 13th Apr 2010
Zonelabs ZoneAlarm Pro Personal Firewall for your PC - Free license for today only
For just today you can get a free license to Zonelabs Zonealarm pro if you follow the link and register your email address. They try to get you to sign up for ongoing payments afte… Read more

Thanks Op, can't heat this but it worked for me. Would've posted earlier but didn't get the email to confirm until just now.


great find mods please unexpire this, i have just taken this offer up and it worked fine :-D Just simply fill in your name and e-mail address and close the box concerning Identity protection! rep added


It looks lik ethe first step (where you enter your name and email) is for the firewall, and the second step (which is the form asking you for your credit card details) is for a another product - identity theft or something. This means that you can just close the second form BTW - mods, could you un-expire this, as there is still until lunchtime today to go...


It doesnt actually expire until 6am PST on the 14th April (1pm BST) - so there still may be a chance if getting this


this should've been made hot a while ago! heat added

ZoneAlarm Pro. free for 24 hours only Tuesday  / Wednesday
Found 9th Oct 2009Found 9th Oct 2009
ZoneAlarm Pro. free for 24 hours only Tuesday / Wednesday
Free licences for the Pro version of Zonealarm firewall are now being given away over a 24 hour period . You have until 2.00 p.m. on Wednesday to apply. The link takes you to a for… Read more

Couldnt get this installed on windows 7. says windows needs sp1 upgrade, lol. deleted and removed from the recycle bin, ill stick with my hassle free kaspersky for another year :)


If anyone wants the e-mail link and a license key, PM me and I'll forward mine as I no longer wish to use it :) Now Gone


i've had my banks fraud department phone me today saying that zonealarm have taken £29.96 from my account contacted zonealarm and they are insisting that no money has left my account my bank statement says that they have joy oh joy


Now says expired. Does say to join to their email to be notified of the next one.


I've just tried and although it still says Free on the front page, when you click the link it put's it in your basket at full price. Looks like it's expired

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite is only $19.95! (£13.14) 1 YR / 3 PCs
Found 16th May 2009Found 16th May 2009
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite is only $19.95! (£13.14) 1 YR / 3 PCs
Includes: Operating System Firewall, Anti-Spyware, Two-Way Firewall , Anti-Spam, Identity Theft Protection, Parental Controls, Anti-Virus ****Pay in $USD to get this price (i.e. d… Read more

I decided to buy this a few weeks ago, having read lots of positive reviews about the Kaspersky anti-virus engine (which this software uses) and being an enthusiastic ZA firewall for many years. Hving used this software on XP, Vista 32 & 64 bit systems, I strongly recommend you avoid it. With XP, your system will slow down dramatically, bootup and slowdown takes around 5 times longer. Something ZA posted on their forums as they have been 'working on' for the past few months. Their recommendation is that you downgrade to the previous version until a fix is found! Unacceptable when you just bought this. With Vista 32 bit I experienced the same problems, to the extend I rebuilt my system as I thought I either had a virus or corrupt O/S. As soon as I reinstalled ZA Security suite performance degraded exponentially. Finally, blaming my old PC for lack of power, I installed this on my new Core i7 with 12GB RAM running Vista 64, not only did my system slow down again it frequently started blue screening (often in cycles - bootup, blue screen, restart, bluescreen, restart, bluescreen). Several Core i7 users are complaining of the same issue on the ZA forums but as yet ZA haven't acknowledged it is a fault, let alone started work on a fix. In the end I uninstalled ZA Security Suite and installed Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS). Although KIS itself is not perfect, at least my system no longer crashes and my system is stable. Paradoxically, this program is designed to protect your system but may do more harm than the viruses/malware it was designed to protect you from. There seems to be an ever growing list of problems wiithout solution. In summary, avoid, avoid, avoid.


It is phishing not fishing.


Thanks. Post updated.


There are so many free security programs available these days, there is no need to buy. Avast, Antivir, Zonealarm firewall free, Commodo, Ad-Aware anti malware, CCleaner. Spybot, just name a few. I use Avast anti virus (free), Lavasoft Ad-Aware (free), CCleaner (free), Spybot (free). I do pay for a firewall but this is purely because I find Look'n'Stop most convenient for my needs. There are plenty of good free firewalls around. And remember: No matter how good your security softwareis, you still need to apply caution when you do Online Banking and shopping, or whenever you use personal details online. No security software can protect you from fishing (bogus emails or web sites, which try to syphon off your personal details as you type them in on your keyboard).


Best to pay the $ price then rather than paying in GBP.

free zone alarm forcefield for 1 yr
Found 14th May 2009Found 14th May 2009
free zone alarm forcefield for 1 yr
free for 1 yr zonealarm forcefield Dear ZoneAlarm Patch Tuesday Promotion Participant: This email was sent because you recently requested a free copy of ZoneAlarm ForceField at w… Read more
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Just tried and works fine! Lovely work!


Sweet! Was looking for this everywhere a few days back to no avail, so this is ace. Thanks.


If anyone want a good alternative then please try Comodo Internet Security. It is Antivirus, Firewall and spyware Protection all in one and it is totally free.


works for me...thanks op:thumbsup:


[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrange]I did this last nite with no probs, fingers crossed about zone alarm pro as i'm just using the free one[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]. :) [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrange]H&R added[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

24 Hours Only - ZoneAlarm® Internet Security Suite is only $9.95! (£6.71) 1 YR / 3 PCs
Found 14th Apr 2009Found 14th Apr 2009
24 Hours Only - ZoneAlarm® Internet Security Suite is only $9.95! (£6.71) 1 YR / 3 PCs
Includes: Operating System Firewall, Anti-Spyware, Two-Way Firewall , Anti-Spam, Identity Theft Protection, Parental Controls, Anti-Virus Offer expires: Wednesday, 15 April 20… Read more

Do you also get a new quad core to run all that pointless software? What a complete and utter waste of resources, and you have to pay for it...shameful. :w00t:


The payment may appear as a subscription in your paypal account. If so perhaps you can simply cancel this. I paid with CC so can't comment


You can get this for nowt simply by buying or trialing certain products or services. Albeit for one system.


You actually cancel it by logging into your ZA generated account.


Undoubtledly hot - and thanks! But be aware that when you use Paypal (and presumably a credit card) to pay, there is a little comment that, by clicking on the button, you agree to allow ZoneAlarm to take out money from your account at any time they wish in the future (ie, renewals next year at full retail price). I gather you can cancel this facility with Paypal but it's not so easy with a credit card! The dreaded 'continuous authority' thing.

FREE ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite (1PC /1YR)
Found 26th Nov 2008Found 26th Nov 2008
FREE ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite (1PC /1YR)
FREE ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite Just take up 1 of the 6 offers and you will get ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite for free. Usual price is $50. The offers are: eMusic FR… Read more

It is a good offer BUT most of these sites give cashback so they are making a mint off you. For example Amex give you £45 for applying for a cash back credit card via Quidco, Topcashback etc. Lovefilm gives you around £20 cashback for taking up a trial.


I had zone alarm ages ago, it didnt cost me anything, I just got it from their site. However, I felt it slowed my computer down, and wasnt great. I changed it for a free Comodo firewall which is fantastic.


Awesome, thanks :)


zonealarm pro was completely free last week

ZoneAlarm Pro - download a 1 year free licence from Check Point on Tuesday 18th November ?
Found 17th Nov 2008Found 17th Nov 2008
ZoneAlarm Pro - download a 1 year free licence from Check Point on Tuesday 18th November ?
Read a couple of online reports... eg ...that from 9am EST, ie 2pm GMT, a free co… Read more
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Not got mine yet... Doesn't look good !


Not got mine yet.


AVG Internet Security package includes the following:- Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam, Web Protection & Firewall:oops: Perhaps this is what "electriclinux" has?


still not yet received an E-mail from ZA? anyone else have this problem?


will do thanks Sootie

Get Zone Alarm FREE for a year!!!
Found 26th Sep 2008Found 26th Sep 2008
Get Zone Alarm FREE for a year!!!
Just found a way to get Zone Alarms best package, including: firewall, anti spyware, and anti virus for free with updates for a year! Firstly, follow the link and download the tri… Read more
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IMHO the free AVG is pants, absolutely pants. It leads the end user into a false sense of security but offers minimal protection from viruses - why do you think it's free when they also have a 'retail product'??? Why risk the integrity of your PC and personal data to save a few quid? Best option by far is purchase reliable AV software such as Kaspersky Internet Security. Look in the right places and it doesn't cost much at all... a fine price to pay for piece of mind and security! If you can't afford/really don't want to buy AV software then Microsoft have recently released that they are going to be offering free antivirus software very soon (probably because they have struggled to sell their 'One Care' product). This free release is also going to send shock waves throughout the AV market and pricing should come down even further!


fair enough. People seem to have their own preferences for these sort of things. I just prefer one makes things a bit easier to manage I find. Plus, I personally am never sure if I should trust some of the other free programmes. However, I will take a look at the ones suggested in this thread. Might come in handy next year when this deal runs out :thumbsup:


I use Zone alarm Free firewall and been very happy with it for years. I would rather stick with hassle free Avast, Adaware, Spybot, Spyware Terminator combine with free zonealarm firewall. Thanks.


had problems downloading free version.... messed comp up and had to system restore!! happy with avast and comodo for free thanks


Sorry but you can get all that free anyway. Basic zone alarm is free, AVG is free, spyware doctor is free. there are quite a few others to choose from. Why mess about with deals to get something you can get free anyway?

EXPIRED - ZoneAlarm - ForceField free between 12th and 13th August!!
Found 12th Aug 2008Found 12th Aug 2008
EXPIRED - ZoneAlarm - ForceField free between 12th and 13th August!!
ZoneAlarm are offering their product ForceField for free between 12th and 13th August, so get it quick :D The licence key is valid for one year. ========== Product Details - "G… Read more

After installing this, my PC kept freezing when I logged into windows. I'm pretty sure this is the culprit. Slows down browsing too, I'd stay well clear of this.


i uninstalled it too.....really slows down my browser


this is one of the worst software I have ever seen. DON'T TOUCH IT.


I installed it and it worked great till i switched computer on this morning and it wouldnt let me open firefox and i couldnt watch a dvd either. Uninstalled it and i can now watch dvd with out the program crashing .


Rubbish installed it but kept locking up pc so got rid of it this is still a beta version isnt it?

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite - 3 PCs + 1 Year Updates - USD49.95 @ ZoneAlarm Official Site
Found 13th Dec 2007Found 13th Dec 2007
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite - 3 PCs + 1 Year Updates - USD49.95 @ ZoneAlarm Official Site
Includes antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-spam and anti-phishing, identity theft protection and much more (e.g. Privacy Protection, IM Protection, Email Security, Parental Control). A… Read more
Zone Alarm Antisypware...
Found 13th Nov 2007Found 13th Nov 2007
Zone Alarm Antisypware...
This is my first deal posted, but feel free to be as harsh as you like :D Only for today, if you go to their website you can download a copy of ZoneAlarm Antispyware for free. T… Read more
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Avast antivirus is so much better. And will always be free, all you need to do is download it, and after 30days register it for free (just sign up with your email no spam nothing)


its not compatible with vista x64 should work fine on x86


Voted Warm as I dont really like Zone Alarm


What do you mean its no good for Vista ????????? iv got it on mine, so that means my laptop isnt fully protected? oh dear !!!


thanks mate

ZoneAlarm Security Suite FREE (worth £34.95) + Credit Report FREE
Found 19th Sep 2007Found 19th Sep 2007
ZoneAlarm Security Suite FREE (worth £34.95) + Credit Report FREE
This comprehensive suite protects you at every level, from the deepest layers of your operating system to the physical world, delivering the most secure protection in the industry.… Read more
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AVG free is the way to go for antivirus :)


Does that to xp on my pc!!


If your running Vista, this will make your machine take 5 mins to boot up and another 2 to shut down. :-(


[SIZE=2]I mentioned this deal ages ago (last post on this thread)....[/SIZE] [SIZE=2][/SIZE] It worked a treat.


This offer is only open to the first 10,000 registrants who apply. The offer will then be replaced with Kaspersky® Internet Security Free For 60 Days.