ZoneAlarm® DataLock £9 + poss 25% Quidco

ZoneAlarm® DataLock £9 + poss 25% Quidco

Found 18th Dec 2010
Makes your laptop unreadable to others, even if it is lost or stolen.

Hard Drive Encryption for laptops
24/7 Password Recovery Service
Automatic, invisible operation

Only £9
(Reg. £25.95)
Save 65%

Also possible 25% quidco

Note you need to remove:
ZoneAlarm Extended Download Service and ZoneAlarm Backup CD to get price

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I've used Truecrypt, it's free and does the same job:

I also wouldn't trust Checkpoint software since they sent out a 'scareware' message through Zonealarm.…st/

Watch for problems with Truecrypt...such as -- incorrect password or not true crypt.volume---unless you have backup of volume headers your data is lost!!

This software only protects the hard drive. The thief just needs to change the hd and can use your laptop. A BIOS/HD lock is more secure.

A think a few versions of Windows now have full disk encryption
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