Zoner Photo Studio 15 Pro @ bitsdujour
Zoner Photo Studio 15 Pro @ bitsdujour

Zoner Photo Studio 15 Pro @ bitsdujour

This is a freebie from Bitsdujour and is for the PC photo program Zoner Photo Studio 15 Pro. I've posted a deal like this before, because this program is so good, even though some HKUD posted cold (why it's FREE?). Anyway, you can file all your photos, in whatever order you want and see them in each folder. Also you can 'stitch' photos together for great panoramic shots, with hardly a join to be seen if you left enough overlap in the same focus range. It also allows you to see maps of GPS tagged photos via Google maps.

Overall, a great program, that gives you an option to Picasa which for me used to crash and burn a few times in use.

One time licence.


Excellent deal! A viable option to Adobe Lightroom that costs considerably less,

If you've got two and a half minutes to spare and want an overview of just how good this program is, then check on this video on YouTube: youtu.be/GDd…QZA

Microsoft also provide a free panorama creation software called Image Composite Editor

Pity it's not as good as Photoshop, but i like the interface.
Useful for some minor editing and manipulation but layers have to be flattened.
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