Zoomer - Boomer the Dino Robot @ Entertainer  £59.99

Zoomer - Boomer the Dino Robot @ Entertainer £59.99

Found 10th Dec 2014
Why we love Boomer
1. Teach him tricks

2. Lots of different moods

3. Touch sensitive

4. Responds to motion

5. Roars and chomps!

Boomer’s the interactive Robot dinosaur who just loves to play!

Like Zoomer Puppies, this dino is very sensitive and will react to being stroked and touched.

Pat him on the nose and Boomer’s eyes will turn green, which means he’s very happy. However, if you pull his tail, he will get red eyes and go on a dino rampage!

Boomer also very smart thanks to his optical sensor and can detect objects around him. Put Boomer on a table and he will move around in the centre, fully aware of where the edge is.

Your prehistoric pal also responds to motion so move your hands to make him perform tricks or follow you around. Boomer even comes with a remote handset if you prefer complete control.

Train him, pet him and feed him…but whatever you do, don’t make Boomer angry!

An ideal gift for kids aged five years and up.

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Seems to of dropped at Smyths, Toys R Us and Amazon also
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