Zoomer Dino Robot £22.50 @ Tesco

Zoomer Dino Robot £22.50 @ Tesco

Found 8th Jan 2015
Scanning @ £22.50

Zoomer Dino - Boomer

Tame him if you dare! The Zoomer Dino in the Boomer style features a dinosaur-sized attitude with a temper to boot. If you pull his tail and make him angry, his eyes will turn red and Boomer will spin, roar and even let out some burps and farts. Use the included controller pod or your hands to train him or send him to attack. Build a unique friendship as you train the robot to dance, chase, chomp and roar around the house on his two wheels, which feature True Balance technology to help prevent him from falling over.
Product Highlights

The Zoomer dinosaur uses True Balance technology to explore his environment on two wheels
You can use the included controller pod or your hands to tame the T-Rex and build your friendship or make him attack
Boomer's eyes let you know how he is feeling - they turn blue when he senses your hand, purple when you're training him and red when he's mad
You can train the robot to dance, chase, chomp and roar
Don't pull Boomer's tail or you'll make him roaring mad, just like a real dinosaur!
When the robot is angry, it will spin, roar and maybe even let out some dino-sized burps and farts
What's Included

Zoomer Dino - Boomer
USB cable
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Hi thats a great deal which store was this dolly?
I got one from bradley Stoke last one- I would like one of the puppies tho I didn't see them!!
Original Poster
Pitsea, there was so much there
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