Zoomer Meowzies £17.49 @ Argos. Also available on Argos Ebay.

Zoomer Meowzies £17.49 @ Argos. Also available on Argos Ebay.

Found 21st Nov 2017
Meet the Zoomer Meowzies – adorable fluffy-tailed kitties you can't help but love. The more you play with them, the happier they become. With special sensors on their head, back and chest they know when you're stroking them. They have interactive LED eyes light up telling you exactly how they're feeling. And if you're in the mood to play, you've just met the right kitten. With interactive games, cute kitty sounds, secret tricks and stylish tails, Meowzies can't wait to show you everything they can do.
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oos for my area great deal heat addedd
Going for £39.99 on eBay
Thanks, luckily in stock for me.
Could u send me link pls I can’t seem to get into it
Price has gone up since they started the half price toy sale as with most items
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