Zoostorm Desktop PC, intel 1.8GHz dual core 1037u, 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM, DVD-RW, Win 8, New, £104.99 Zoostorm @ eBay

Zoostorm Desktop PC, intel 1.8GHz dual core 1037u, 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM, DVD-RW, Win 8, New, £104.99 Zoostorm @ eBay

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Found 4th Feb 2017
Brand New Zoostorm Ivy Bridge Dual Core Desktop 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM, DVD-RW, Win 8 - Zoostorm found more of these under their bed and are selling for £104.99 from their ebay outlet.

Edit CLICK HERE FOR DEAL ('Get Deal' takes you to the now sold out model) this version does not have wifi (the previous deal all sold out)
Yes it's an older generation Ivy Bridge Celeron 1037u dual core CPU. Awful.
Yes it's measly 4GB ram and a tiny 500GB hard drive. Pathetic.
Yes it's Windows 8.1 and we all hate it, yes every single normal person on the planet hates it, it's utter utter murder inducing crap.
BUT IT'S £104 brand new and a fully working ready to go desktop.

But luckily Windows 8 can immediately be consigned to the dustbin where it belongs and by using the 'Assistive Technologies' free upgrade path to Windows 10 is still available so you can elmininate another PC from having to endure Window 8 and get a legitimate Windows 10 computer, no puppies are killed in doing this Win10 upgrade - it's scientifically proven fact by ridding another PC of Windows 8 actually reduces green house gases or so a bloke in the pub told me. Chuck in a cheapo SSD and this will actually be a decent basic desktop.
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Cheap and cheerful brand new desktop with genuine operating system included (for the few that care about such things!)
Also available without Wifi for the same price
As usual it's old new stock that someone has found lurking in a storeroom. It won't set the world alight but for just over £100 it's a fully working licenced Windows computer. Hurrrah.

Chuck in a cheapo SSD and it'll be fine for Aunt Mildred or your mother in law.
The Celeron 1037u is an OK budget cpu, don't let the name Celeron totally put you off.... I use one in a media PC with 4GB ram and a cheap SSD and it will play full HD video without killing the CPU. I'm fairly sure these CPU's are soldered to the motherboard so don't expect to upgrade the CPU.
I bought a lenovo 8.1 machine and put 7 classic shell on it.never keen on 10 in my old machine and i tried the assistive route when i first got it 4 times and it just downloaded then hung on installing.
I bought a reconditioned Pentium without OS a few weeks back, but it kept crashing with s blue screen of death. They were very good and gave me a refund without any bother.
So good to buy many of these and then sell to unknowing customers at x4 times profit...Oh wait thats what PCWorld do.
The Dell refurb on Amazon looks a better deal
- even allowing for this has wifi
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Great price for a basic machine/specs. Could you buy the parts cheaper than this - I doubt it.
Dell link please
best thing in this is the windows license.
suppose this would make a descent open media vault rig
What ATX size is it? Looks a bit of lump of a box for the spec.

original link: all gonenew link : … original link: all gonenew link : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Zoostorm-Celeron-1037U-Dual-Core-Desktop-PC-500GB-HDD-4GB-RAM-Windows-8-/262581984765

Thanks, Yeah I linked that above in post #1 and now edited the original deal, it's the same except no wifi.
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best thing in this is the windows license.

Well the rest of the bits help to get a fully working computer on an extreme budget.
Many thanks op, just purchased the last 2.
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2 more here Grade 1 refurbs ebay.co.uk/itm…710?hash=item3d322634ae:g:19AAAOSwB09YGH2~
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