Zootropolis figures and vehicles from 99p in Home Bargains (Colchester)

Zootropolis figures and vehicles from 99p in Home Bargains (Colchester)

Found 19th Sep 2016
Found in Colchester store, various figures, vehicles and soft toys. I got red convertible with posable Nick the fox for £3.99, meter maid pursuit play set with posable Judy and weaselton figure plus accessories also £3.99. Then to complete the collection for my nephews Christmas present I got each of the five different figure packs on the shelf for 99p each, each pack contained one posable main character and one small fixed figure.

There was a whole special offer aisle end with various Zootropolis toys including large light up police car with Judy and another character figure I can't remember for £5.99. Also saw big posable characters, think about 9 or 10 inches tall for only £1.99 each, I saw Judy and Nick. There was also soft toy Judy, didn't have price label and a big soft toy of I think Finnick which made sounds when squeezed and changed with disguise for £6.99.

May have been more but can't remember. Would have took photo of shelf but didn't realise just how good of a deal it was until got home and looked on Argos, where prices are more than double at the moment and Amazon where cars are around £14 and figures about £7+

When I added together Amazon prices for what I got it would have cost me over £65 and I only paid less than £13. Great Christmas presents and stocking fillers.
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what a bargain will have to have a look in my local thanks
Thanks for the post, mine had all those and more. They had a big police car with zootrolpolis characters for £5.99 - my son has a few parties coming up so they make great gifts.
Anyone seen these in north east stores?
Thanks OP - checked my local a couple of times this week and no luck, then popped in today and they had some! Didn't have any of the sets you found, but picked up a soft toy Finnick (£6.99) and a giant set of 14 characters (£9.99), so very pleased. My son is mad on the movie, so will be very happy on Xmas day! Heat added xxx
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