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Posted 13 September 2022

Zopa Smart Savings raised to 1.85%AER (Existing UK Current Account Required) @ Zopa

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Just got an email through, the raise is automatically applied to my easy access pot.

And all the Boosted pots are rising too. 95days to 2.25%AER.

Zopa More details at Zopa
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    Chase is in my rear view mirror, emptied and moved.
    So is Zopa, now Al Ryan 2.1% easy access, Gatehouse bank 2.0% easy access.
    Waiting for 4% plus early next year.
    Well I can hope.
    Al Rayan looks pretty good and they have a mobile app, I've never heard of Gatehouse before thanks for the info.
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    I wish Chase would do the same
    I asked Chase if they would be raising their rates after the last BOE raise. They said no, so I emptied my account and moved to Zopa. (edited)
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    They are pre-empting the IR rises that are due by the BOE (it got postponed because of queens death).

    They are doing this now so that we can secure their offer, but I'm sure as soon as the rates go up there will be more banks.

    I am gonna HODL.
    What if it they raise it by more than 0.25%? The ECB upped their rate by 0.75% recently.
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    I'll wait till next month to see what happens. Can't be bothered opening new savings accounts every month as credit score will take a hit.

    Zopa only up to £50,000 (edited)
    Savings accounts don’t get credit checked.
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    Along with Chase, I think Atom Bank deserves a mention regarding it's lacklustre 1.50% easy access rate. I'll soon be emptying out the account too if there's no sign of a rise by the end of the week.
    My Atom 1 year 1.5% fixed has just paid out, so account now empty.
    As you say their rates are not competitive anymore.
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    Hope they keep rising
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    This might be a silly question but how do you know these new financial institutions are legit? Is there a check you can do?
    They have to authorised with Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the PRA and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to be a bank in the UK, which I am assuming have criteria that has to be met before you're granted a licence.