ZTE Blade Velocity | £129.99 @  Carphone Warehouse

ZTE Blade Velocity | £129.99 @ Carphone Warehouse

Found 11th Apr
Specs online say full HD, 2gigs ram, 16 gig memory and a snapdragon 617 fairly decent for the price.


ZTE sold mobiles and kit illegally to North Korea.
They were investigated for doing so and lied loudly they werent throughout investigation.
They were then subsequently caught red handed.
And fined a huge sum for lying and selling to dodgy nations for dodgy uses.
Most of their profit for whole year went to paying the fine. 3/4?

But, this looks like a nice mobile though.

Dodgy nations? what about nations crying Weapons of mass destruction that were never there. Not a sane statement.

I have had 2 ZTE mobiles, and both were very average; they never upgraded to a newer version of Android, and their support was non existant. Both had major problems with the battery, so I can't recommend this Chinese brand, and will never purchase one again.

Shame about the mediocre battery

software is outdated and looks like kids made the software

the software is buggy from last time I used a zte v7 lite
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