Zumba Fitness DVD Exercise Kit includes toning sticks £24.99 - Amazon Black  Friday Deal

Zumba Fitness DVD Exercise Kit includes toning sticks £24.99 - Amazon Black Friday Deal

Found 21st Nov 2011
Amazon Black Friday Deal, you must scroll accross to 1:30pm and click add to basket from that page.
Item URL is amazon.co.uk/gp/…OLE

buying from that link won't give you the black friday discount.

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Bored of the cross trainer? Why not try something new and dance your way to fitness with the Latin inspired Zumba work out. Zumba - the fitness craze currently sweeping the US and UK - creates a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness system that you can do either on your own or in a group.

100% Guaranteed Original Product - As seen on High Street TV

Are you bored of exercise, do you lack the motivation? It's time to ditch the workout and join the party!

Zumba Fitness is a party that makes exercise not feel like exercise at all. That's because when you dive into the Zumba experience, you feel energized, full of vitality, and bursting with strength and confidence

That's why so many people have chosen Zumba Fitness as the fun and easy way (even for beginners) to lose the pounds and inches. Not only do people love Zumba, they get incredible results.

Lose the fat and dance your way to the slim, sexy body of your dreams
Product Description
IMPORTANT - Please note this is the Purple Deluxe Zumba Exhilarate Boxset, including - 7DVDs, Two Toning Sticks and full 48 Page Zumba Program (covering Dance Technique, Nutrional info and Fat Loss Program). Brand new and sealed, dispatched within 24hrs via Royal Mail First Class Recorded.

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Am I missing something - why is this cold? Wife has asked for this for Xmas and this seems a good price....

Great Price i have ordered at this price around the £39 mark everywhere else Heat added

Heat from me too, I was after this for a while so happy just ordered it for £25. thank you!

Yes I think this a good deal too - why cold? just because it is part of Black friday?

very odd, clicked to add heat and it went from -28 to -29......I guess someone else voted at the same time.

Brilliant price as I was going to buy this last week for £39 and that was cheaper than elsewhere at that price. So very happy bunny @ 24.99

I just bought it too great price. Heat added though sadly it's still in minus figures!

My girl friends wants one of these I sent her the link

Thats one more thing i can tick off my christmas list - thanks!

This is on again this morning @ 8am so hoping its not even cheaper or I will cry lol


Unexpired, available again

Heat added, its a good deal I posted it up too .. then I realised this existed (_;)

Recieved mine and its only got 4 dvd's so really disappointed :((

Not the Exhilarate set as advertised and I have called them and they are saying it was never advertised as such.

They have removed the bit on the site now that says the was the Zubma Exhilarate set. Conning monkeys.

Received a full refund on this item, and i don't have to send it back

Me too cheeky monkeys

Forgot to add a

How did you get the full refund and get to keep it? I just got asked to send it back
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