Zymol Cleaner Wax 473mlwas £14 now £5 @ Halfords

Zymol Cleaner Wax 473mlwas £14 now £5 @ Halfords

Found 9th Dec 2016
heard Zymol is supposed to be decent stuff, not a bad deal at £5!


Zymol Cleaner Wax 473ml

The Zymol Cleaner Wax 473ml is a naturally designed formula that is safe for all finishes. With no harsh chemicals or solvents it restores nutritive oils to paint finish solvents, removing swirl marks and surface abrasions.

Zymol Cleaner Wax 473ml Extra Info

Natural formula - no harsh chemicalsRemoves swirl marks and surface abrasions
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Thanks OP for posting, can't wait to try it out, plenty of good reviews
I've never tried this stuff, but i've heard from petrol head friends that Zymol is the brand to use.
Is it available instore as well?. Thanks.
This is like a budget Zymol and not sure if it's produced under license by another manufacturer. It smells nice but doesn't have much longevity so although cheap is gonna be more effort to keep applying.
Manufactured by Turtle Wax under license from Zymol, very similar to one of the Turtle Wax products (can't remember which). At this price it's still a decent deal though. Full fat Zymol stuff might be nice but it's an utter rip off and stuff as good/better is available for a fraction of the cost.
Thanks OP. Heat added. Bought it. Used it today. First time I've polished my car since I bought it 14 months ago.

Very pleasant to use. Applies easily. Dries to a haze. Buffs off easily. Even smells nice. Car is now very shiny.

No idea how it compares with other polishes, but I'm satisfied. Fiver well spent.
Picked some up today for just £2.
Halfords Sutton reduced to clear £3
Picked the last one from Dunstable for £3 (RTC)
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