ZyXEL PL-100 Powerline Ethernet Adapter (Twin Pack) £35.24 +P&P

ZyXEL PL-100 Powerline Ethernet Adapter (Twin Pack) £35.24 +P&P

Found 24th Jun 2008
I bought this this Zyxel twin pack Powerline Ethernet Adapter for a project 1 year ago at £85. It is very reliable and truly plug and play. Now, it is only £35.24 + delivery at Scan.

Not sure if the Scan-Avforum free delivery still applicable.

The ZyXEL Powerline is an extended access solution that allows your business or residence to be completely networked with existing power lines, with no need for additional wiring, simply connect the ZyXEL Powerline PL-100 to an existing power socket, and it will transform your electrical power lines into a network infrastructure. Its the easy way to allow data and power to share the same power socket and as its desktop mounted there are no issues the Mains Plugs not fitting.

Twin Pack - Ideal Starter Pack
Up to 85Mbps-Equivalent Data Rate over Existing Power Line.
Great for extending a Wireless Network.
Ideal for audio and video streamind
HomePlug 1.0 Certified
56-bit DES Protection for Secure Networking.
Stylish Desktop Design.

Networking Information
Supports up to 16 (Tone Map)PL- devices communicating on a single network
Each Powerline Ethernet adapter supports 15 remote Ethernet addresses. With total 4 groups then it can support up to a total of 64.
OFDM Symbol Modulation,
Supports QAM 256/64/16, DQPSK, DBPSK and ROBO Carrier modulation schemes
Frequency Band: 4.3 MHZ ~ 20.9 MHZ
Coverage Area: up to 300 meters/984 feet


"Not sure if the Scan-Avforum free delivery still applicable."

According to Scan themselves when I spoke to them about it recently, they increased the avforum trigger point to £50, and then withdrew it altogether. However I believe there is at least one other "forum" way of getting free delivery.

much cheaper than the Xbox 360 wireless adapter and much better performing solution!

good price

Does anyone know how to get free delivery?


Does anyone know how to get free delivery?

somehow linked to the ]Hexus community, but may have been a limited opportunity to register for uncharged p&p some time ago with no further new reg's being accepted. anyone with more precise knowledge feel free to contribute.

Do you think these kind of products are going to stay around this price or do you think this is a very special offer?

i may need some in september but dont want to buy them now

Would this work with Xbox (XBMC)? (NOT 360)

yes, no reason it shouldnt


I notice Zyxel's on offer on TodayOnly as well

price is now £68.99 so please expire this cold for me
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