ZyXEL PLA-401 Twin Pack Powerline Homeplug AV 200Mbps £49.98 with free delivery @ Amazon

ZyXEL PLA-401 Twin Pack Powerline Homeplug AV 200Mbps £49.98 with free delivery @ Amazon

Found 21st Nov 2008
Excellent price for 200Mbps version

Manufacturer's Description
PowerLine HomePlug AV Adapters 200Mbps (PLA401) allow small office/home offices to be completely networked using the electrical wiring already present. Perfect for streaming high definition video content, audio streaming and Internet connectivity.
ZyXEL PLA-401 Twin Pack includes two PLA-401.

Product Description
The ZyXEL PLA401 PowerLine HomePlug AV 200Mbps creates a simple high performance home network ideal for streaming high definition video content, audio streaming, gaming and Internet connectivity. It allows your home to be completely networked using your existing plug sockets with setup consisting of 2 easy steps: 1) Connect your PLA400 to any existing plug socket and router 2) Connect another PLA400 to any networked device and then plug in Additional ZyXEL PLA401 PowerLine HomePlug AV 200Mbps units can be added where required to extend the coverage of your home network. The PLA401 is the right product for you if: You need to connect an Ethernet device requiring a high bandwidth connection such as a HDTV media adapter, games console or more, to your home network No power leads - integrated plug enables you to connect straight into your plug socket You want to reach locations that your wireless does not cover or where wireless does not give the required performance You want to relocate your PC somewhere else in your home Easy to Install Simple to install with integrated plug design, simple to use, up and running in less than a minute! Extend your Internet access to any location around your home by simple connection to a plug socket The PLA401 runs on your home electrical mains circuit, it therefore does not suffer the similar interference, dead spots, or performance issues associated with wireless 3x the distance of standard Ethernet - up to 300 metres coverage between PLA401's Security Automatically create a secure network The network only extends as far as your electricity meter and uses 128-bit AES encryption for peace of mind Your network is contained within your mains circuit and is not visible to your neighbours! Speed Up to 200Mbps performance - perfect for streaming high definition video, music, email, web browsing and making broadband telephone calls at the same time!


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Hi ,
Anyone know if you can use this with an existing Homeplug 85Mbps network?
I have 5 x 85Mbps ones working perfectly in my house but would like to connect the 2 x Xbox 360's to these faster ones if possible.


AFAIK you can run the 200mbps ones alongside the 85mbps but you cannot use them together
more information try solwise.co.uk

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