ZyXEL PLA401 HomePlug Twin-Pack £48.75 @ Scan

ZyXEL PLA401 HomePlug Twin-Pack £48.75 @ Scan

Found 12th Dec 2008

"The PowerLine HomePlug AV 200Mbps Twin Pack Adapters allow your home to be completely networked using your existing plug sockets. Ideal for streaming high definition video content, audio streaming, gaming and Internet connectivity.

Award winning consumer product range
1st UK manufacturer to integrated HomePlug into products
DLNA certification across range allows simple network setup with auto-discovery of other DLNA products
HomePlug Alliance Certification guarantees compatibility with industry standards"

Just bought a pack of these to stream movies to the PS3 in the lounge. Plugged them in and was up and running within 2 minutes.

They're also available at £45.99 if you click through the "today-only" option

Price assumes free postage having registered with AV Forums, or add £6.99+vat


Good Price, i paid about 5 quid more from DABS last week as they had it at a low price...

Great bit of kit, especially for the Xbox 360, the wireless jobby is a Pain in the ase when u have to close the door at night lol
It also lags alot as people keep walking about, breaks up the signal. having this attached, spot on

Just a few pence more at amazon.co.uk/PLA…8-1

Bought these myself a few weeks ago - brilliant! :thumbsup:


Not on today only at the moment - you must have looked at thursday's page...

still quite good price however

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Not on today only at the moment - you must have looked at thursday's … Not on today only at the moment - you must have looked at thursday's page...still quite good price however

Aye, it was just after lunch when I checked, so could well have been:oops:

bought. ta.

Thinking of ditching my Virgin 2meg so these would be very nice. Paying £14 a month for 2meg and has been good but for the same price could be on 10meg+ (probably 5-6 if we're realistic).

And the AV connection is a big bonus!

Note that the price in the original post's link has gone up to £63.24 Inc VAT.

There is another thread about them ]HERE, more recent and cheaper. There is a link on the second page you have to follow. It was a today only link but still seems to add to the cart...


No it doesnt - obviously the offers expired now...
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