ZyXEL PLA5206 1000MBPS - GIGABIT ADAPTOR TWIN PACK £17.87 delivered @ buyur

ZyXEL PLA5206 1000MBPS - GIGABIT ADAPTOR TWIN PACK £17.87 delivered @ buyur

Found 4th Dec 2016
looks like a great deal if you don't have need of power pass through and only need single Ethernet ports.. never bought from buyur but their site supports amazon & PayPal checkout. delivery option was free for me when testing amazon checkout.


Create a Fast and Stable Home Network with Gigabit Powerline Adapter
No extra wires or configuration required, perfect for connecting Smart TVs and for online gaming

Single push-and-secure button for simple, fast, secure setup

QoS ensures network quality for VoIP, IPTV & HD media streaming

Power-Saving Mode - green product that reduces energy consumption.

When there is no Ethernet connection 60 seconds, the ZyXEL PLA5206 will enter a power-saving mode that consumes only 0.5 watts, saving 80% more energy than comparable adapters without this function.
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Heat: Double the price at Amazon etc.

I doubt see why they hike the price for multiple ports on these devices as you can pick up a cheap gigabit switch for less (£) and have more ports.

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Too good to be true? Don't like the reviews of this site. For a site based in UK seems strange that they have these on offer

This product used to be available #29 pounds at eBuyer for quite a while. As for this deal its a great price the only problem is many bad reviews on TrustPilot for the retailer. You can go there and read for yourself:

never looked at their trustpilot reviews.. their amazon ratings pretty good.
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Will these work with similar BT broadband extenders?

Will these work with similar BT broadband extenders?

They should do, yes.
They were £20 on amazon from the same seller the other day but I missed them. Seems like a steal at this price.
Alright if you've got spare sockets. heat added.

Will these work with similar BT broadband extenders?

As long as they're Homeplug compatible then yes. Many moons ago BT used to supply Comtrend adapters that used the UPA standard and these aren't compatible. (BT switched to Homeplug standard around 2008 I believe)
Glad buyur does not require prime membership....
thanks, ordered as it's a broadcomm chipset one. excellent deal for one of those.
&28.96 Now
good price . Though new models seem to support higher bandwidths now - claiming up to 1800 Mbps now?

ZyXEL PLA5206 1000 Mbps Powerline Gigabit Ethernet Adapter - Twin Pack currenlty £29.95 on amazon.
ZyXEL PLA5256 1000 Mbps Powerline is the "with AC Pass Through Adapter (Pack of 2)" £48.95 on amazon

some historical 'best' prices:
2 x 5205 £58.98 on amazon Jan '14
2 x 5205 £30.00 ebuyer Jun '14
2 x 5205 £25.00 ebuyer Apr'16

Not sure of precise differences but benchmarks on 5206 suggest significant improvements: uk.hardware.info/rev…nce
Expired, £25 now.
Anyone had theirs despatched yet?

Anyone had theirs despatched yet?

Was going to ask the same thing myself. Ordered on the 4th, heard nothing yet.
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