0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards.

Found 2nd Aug 2016
Sorry guys, if my question sounds stupid. I am fairly new with the credit cards, balance transfer credit cards and purchase cards.

I am looking to spend around £5000. If I get 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card, will I be able to transfer the balance straight into my current account(debit card) and spend £5000 or does it have to be only Credit card?
OR is it best to get 0% Purchase credit card. I am looking to repay the credit within around 30-32 months.
The reason I'm asking is because Balance transfer credit cards repayment time is longer (usually 30 months)than the purchase cards.

Thanks for your help.
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Balance transfer is when you have debt on an existing card which you transfer to the new card. You are looking for a 0%purchases card.
Tesco and MBNA cards allow money to be transferred into your current account.
If you haven't owned a credit card before I'm not sure they will let you have a £5000 limit straight away.
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