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Found 18th Sep 2017

i work full time, same company for last 9 years earning £35k but my wife started a 0 hour contract 10 months ago. My current mortgage provider (only my name on mortgage) has said I can't add my wife unless she has 2 years employment at her current place. Is there any mortgage companies that count 12 months of 0 hour contract work to be considered?


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Nationwide would not accept OH'S part time 0 hour job and she had been there for 3-4 years. My understanding was that noone took 0h as income for a new mortgage. A friend successfully got a remortgage with 1 wage on 0h.
Usually employed don't even need a 12 months or a p60. It's the self employed who have to show where we took a dump 4 years ago.

3 months payslips with an amount in bank reflecting pay for employed folk. 0 hour contracts I assume would need to be reinforced with a letter from the employer that guarantees work backed up by historic pay that reflects their guarantee.

Don't forget to have a declaration of trust when she goes on the mortgage if you alone have made a significant contribution to the mortgage already
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