0% Loans & Grants for Current & Past Workers of Hampshire Constabulary & their families

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"Southampton Police Club Trust Fund was formed in 2002 following the sale of the Southampton Police Club in Hulse Road. Our objective is to support Hampshire Constabulary staff and their families both past and present.

The Directors of the Board consist of a group of both serving and retired officers and is currently chaired by Detective Superintendent Paul Barton.

What we do?
The objectives of the Trust Fund is to promote any purpose for the benefit of the Beneficiaries and in particular the advancement of education, the protection of health and the relief of hardship, whether financial or otherwise for the benefit of the Beneficiaries including without limitation the organisation of and the support for social events and activities to promote the welfare and well-being of the Beneficiaries. In simple terms we support events and organised get together’s for staff and their partners / children including Christmas do’s,

Can we help you?
Yes we can! ‘Beneficiaries’ are defined as all serving, retired or resigned members of the Hampshire Constabulary including Police Staff, PCSO’s and Special Constables approved by the Committee and their spouse, partner or children.

How to get in touch?
You can view our website at spctf.co.uk or email the Administrator on spctf@hampshire.pnn.police.uk. If you are internal you can also view our internal webpage by searching ‘spctf’.

Examples are: - Station / Shift / Department Christmas Do’s or large get togethers. Children’s Christmas Parties, coach trips for organised outings for beneficiaries, donations towards organisational services for example the Hampshire Police Choir or Hampshire Police Band.

The money is available to all staff, no matter where they are based. We will support functions, however, the function cannot be a no cost option for the beneficiaries - they must be contributing themselves. Finally, the number of beneficiaries must be proportionate for the amount asked for and groups are limited to two applications per year.

How to apply

To apply for a donation/funds from the Southampton Police Club Trust Fund please complete the application form below.

Is there a cut off date for applications?

On our Meet the Board page you will find all the meeting dates for this year. Please submit your application ahead of the date that is relevant to your event. All applications must be received by Noon, the day prior to the meeting. Any applications received on the day of the meeting may not be considered until the next meeting.

There are two forms that need to be completed. One is the Application Form for obtaining a donation/funds.

The other is the Event Confirmation Form which needs to be completed within two weeks of the event taking place. Please submit it along with any receipts for which the donation/funds are being claimed.

When completed please email to: SPCTF@hampshire.pnn.police.uk

or Post to:

Tanya Smith
PO Box 481
PO14 9FS "

Application form and other pdf documents available via the link swildridge.wixsite.com/spc…cts .

More info also here archive.hampshire.police.uk/int…ly/
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This will make it much easier for the super intendant to get by on his/her £ 162,000. salary
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This will make it much easier for the super intendant to get by on his/her …This will make it much easier for the super intendant to get by on his/her £ 162,000. salary

True. You have a good point.
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