0 pence per mile car lease?

    I asked Audi for a car quote on contract hire, and it says £5000 per annum.
    Then it says excess mileage £0p/mile

    Is it really 0 pence per mile usually or is there a catch?


    would seem a bit ridiculous to be 0p a mile extra otherwise they should just advertise it as unlimited mileage!

    If you have it in print then that's what you are signing up for

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    If you have it in print then that's what you are signing up for

    Yes they have sent an email with that written in the attached PDF quote.

    If you go ahead just check what you sign matches the quote.

    They may change that charge in the final paperwork. It happens as they finalise some of these things when you proceed

    Check that there isn't a clause stating that you WILL NOT exceed the stated mileage, thus making the option of exceeding the excess mileage non negotiable.
    Some policies now will stipule that the user does not exceed the mileage, and not give a rate for exceeding. If the mileage is then exceeded, a 'fine' or 'penalty' is issued.
    You can look at this one of two ways, maybe it is an error and should be say 10p per mile, sneak it though and then hope to take the higher ground if you exceed. Or, ask them now so you don't get hit with a hidden surprise. Either way, check what your signing.
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