00 82 number - WHY?????? Please help

    Ive just had a call that when I answered it they hung up - nothing strange about that really EXCEPT that when I did 1471 the number was 0082 12312313
    Looking this up on international dialing codes it shows up as SOUTH KOREA
    Can anyone out there help me narrow this down and try and work out why someone in South Korea would be phoning my landline.
    with all this identity theft its got me wondering


    It will more than likely be a scam, although I cant find anything on that number.

    These normally work, by calling you then hanging up when you answer, if you call back (as most people would do) it charges you £/min rate for the call.

    Dont call the number, thats the whole point of them hanging you phone back

    oldest trick in the book

    EDIT: as said above lol

    Either that or some companies call many different numbers and when ones answered all the rest get dropped. Either way if our not expecting a call ignore it. If its that important they'll call back.
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