Quick question how much do 017 numbers cost to phone through a landline?


    if you have free calls thyre free if not i believe its aroyund 5p aminute with bt other networks may vary

    It depends on your service provider. Do they have a freefone number or website you can call and ask/check?

    01709 is the Rotherham area code, so I'd imagine all 017xx are local codes, so it depends where you live if you're on a landline.

    Free with inclusive minutes though.

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    It's a number for royal mail and the number is 01752.


    It's a number for royal mail and the number is 01752.

    That's a plymouth number, so just classed as regional I would have thought

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    Found out from my brother in law it's free for us thanks guys repped

    Swansea is 01792

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