02 breach of insurance?

    Hi there i took up an iphone 16gb 3gs in august 2009. As well as the phone i took out insurance with o2 and was paying 10.00 per month... I have recently realised my bill has gone up around 5 pounds the last few months and went on the o2 site to see they are now charging 15 pounds a month for the 16gb iphone 3gs.

    I havent recieved any phone calls or warnings to suggest that this was going to happen and they are meant to give me 30 days notice so surely this is a breach any thoughts will be appreciated thanks


    It'll be within your terms and conditions but generally yes they should give you a 30 day warning.
    £10, not to mention £15 a month is a lot for phone insurance in my opinion. Open a bank accoutn with the co-op abd pay £9.50 a month and you can insure 4 handsets for £600 each and get family travel insurance etc....

    Mobile phone insurance is a gimick,the phone is under warranty,if your concerned you may lose it or have it stolen etc much better to include it in a household insurance policy or something,

    Even £10 per month is going to add up to a lot over time

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    Thanks for the speedy replies guys appreciated

    Slightly off topic i have had a blockbuster account for two odd years and when i inccur a late fee the previous two times they have taken it straight out of my bank with no warning they are going to do so just a letter saying u owe 5 pounds 15 punds etc can you pay instore i didnt bother they then took it straight out via direct debit! surely this is illegal as well
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