02 Business Contacts?

    Can anyone have a 02 Business Contract?

    I been looking at iphone deals. and if you take out a Business contract you can upgrade after 12 months. sounds good to me

    Anyone got one?


    "Can anyone have a 02 Business Contract?"

    As long as you have a business.

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    Thought that but was reading on a phone topic on here a while back and some members have them aw well.

    If you want a business contract then you have to supply business profs at the credit check stage. ie bills etc in the name of the company.

    no u dont have to provide any documentation at all, i got my 3gs, just walked in said i wanted a business contract and they said fine, it has to be in ure name as well i remember them saying, im due for my upgrade in july, the iphone4g/hd or an android offering hmmm gunna sell 1 or the other.

    I just got mine about a week ago , black 16gb 3gs black on a business contract, payed £59 one up fee , i get 600 mins, unlimted texts, unlimited internet, free 02 to 02 calls, and can add up to ten landline numbers to get free calls to. Comestro around £45.25 a month. Guy said if anyone asks any question say you are going to be checking youre ebay account on it cause you sell stuff there. Hope this helps

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    Great help guys. But when you order online asks for the business postcode and such? I guess i type my home addy in?
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