02 contract cancellation question?

Posted 21st Jan
Hi dong know if anyone can advise but I got the iPhone XR on a 3 month deal in December and my last payment goes out my bank account on the 6th feb but today recieved my monthly statement so called to give my 30 days notice and they’re telling me I can’t cancel until they’ve recieved that last payment for the phone which they want today rather than the 6th, I’ve said I can’t make it today so if I wait until the 6th rather than give my 30 days notice today they will want yet more for the extra days SIM card?
They’re saying this is standard that no one can give notice until the device is paid off.
Is this correct even though I have two separate payments one for device and one for sim?
Other than pay the £100 left on the phone today is there anything I can do to give my 30 days notice rather than wait another 14-15 days?
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This is correct.
Mobile operators are now banned from charging for the remainder of a notice period after you switch, provided you provide your new provider with either a PAC or STAC. A PAC keeps your current number and STAC gives you a new number. If you do this the day after your contact expires you will only need to pay for another day. Do it on the last day of your contract and you wont pay anything extra.

Take a look here moneysavingexpert.com/pho…ng/
Thanks for that, we’ve actually find online and they’ve agreed to give the 30 days notice!
We’ve not had any email to confirm but the wife has took screen shots of the conversation.
I may do the stac thing but we don’t want the no’s as we never used the SIM cards at all using our normal sims, would this be a problem doing it this way to cancel?
I don't think so. As long as your provide the STAC code to the new provider it should cancel the O2 one. The STAC code effectively just cancels the old provider and you keep the number that the new provided has given you.
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