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Howdy all, first post and I'm after abit of advice really.

I entered into a contract with O2 through the Carphone Warehouse back in April, and received the new SE W900i I think it is. To be honest, I hate the phone and have been keen to try get myself a new one somehow.

Middle of June, I lost my sim card whilst faffing around swapping sim cards with the better half. I rung up and advised them of this and was told that the sim card in question was now blocked and I should goto a CW shop and purchase a new one. I could carry my number over etc.

So about 10 days later I did this, got my new sim card, told it would take upto 48 hours for everything to work but I could keep my number. Well that was about 2 weeks ago, and my sim just does not work. Thought it was strange and logged into my account on CW website to see if there was anything amiss... there was. It said this account was now disconnected. Strange I thought, but what the hell, this could be my opportunity for a new phone. So I've left it as it is, until today when I got my invoice through my emails saying that the account is now disconnected and the balance on the bill is now due (a measly 0.21p).

What now? Have they messed up somewhere along the line and I've slipped through the net with a brand new phone, albeit a sh*te one? I'm certainly not going to call them to advise them of the situation, but if they've disconnected my account am I within my rights to cancel the DD? (Don't actually know yet whether they will bill me again for next month).

Any advice greatly appreciated.

(Sorry for the very long first post)


i would just cancel my dd youve done nothing wrong

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Bump - anybody else help me?

It won't be the W900i you have, by April it was discontinued and I think it was exclusive to Vodafone in the UK. This seems like nitpicking but if it's a cheaper phone (like a W810/W850) it may be easier to get out of it than with a more expensive phone.

Personally I would be extremely careful how you proceed simply because CPW may not spot the error now but they may well do in a few months which could cause you problems. As an example, I cancelled an O2 contract at the end of the period which was all fine, had the letter etc. However, a couple of months later O2 took an entire year's line rental out of my account with no explanation. When I phoned up they admitted there was a mistake and they could put the refund through but it would take up to 14 days. Instead she recommended reversing the charge with my bank which would give me the money back immediately - I was suspicious of this but I was told it would be noted on my account.

I went ahead and received the money back which all seemed fine until about four or five months later I received a letter from a debt collection agency demanding the money back. I phoned O2 who you would expect would be able to sort it out but I couldn't find anyone remotely bothered about helping me. The debt collection agency on the other hand very quickly in a couple of days went from a standard letter to daily phonecalls asking when I was going to pay the money back and bright green and red letters threatening me that they would turn up at my door to get the money or equivalent.

In desperation I went into a shop, they were sales so they couldn't help either...so I kept phoning and phoning O2 until eventually I managed to find someone who actually read the account and called off the debt collection agency with apparently no blackmark on my credit record. I never received any form of apology from o2 and if like me you have never dealt with a debt collection agency I can tell it's not a fun experience.

From what I've read it's much easier to put a black mark on your credit record than it is to take it off, even if it's there in error.

While I know you don't want to tip off CPW that they may have made a mistake, personally I'd want to have confirmation that no more money was due in writing before I did anything like cancel a direct debit.


First mistake O2 made was to tell you to buy another SIM card. From experience they send you another one free of charge on contract when this happens.

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First mistake O2 made was to tell you to buy another SIM card. From … First mistake O2 made was to tell you to buy another SIM card. From experience they send you another one free of charge on contract when this happens.

Thought this quite strange but it is through CPW so they may well charge.

The phone I'm sorry is the W950i, dislike it that much don't even know what model it is. As for the words of wisdom, much appreciated. I think in the mean time I'll get a PAYG sim for the phone and proceed for a few months and see what happens. Dont want to take another contract out only for CPW to cotton on and them be lumbered with two contracts - one useless.

I'd just deal with O2 as that's who the contract is with. I've always got mine from Dial-a-Phone but they are the same as Carphone Warehouse in the way they work..........they do the initial getting you the contract and then they have no more to do with it. It's all down to O2 then.

CPW have charged me for lost/damaged sim cards, if I'd had insurance I wouldn't have to pay for one.

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