02 increasing my contract. Can i terminate?

Found 20th Feb
Just received this email from 02:

We’re getting in touch to let you know we’re adjusting the price of your tariff to keep in line with the current 4% Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation, as mentioned in your terms. You’ll see the change on your April 2018 bill. To get an idea of what that means, if you were on a £27 tariff this would be an increase of £1.08 a month. If you have any airtime discounts, they will then be re-applied in accordance with the terms of that offer.

From April, there’ll also be changes to some of our other charges outside your monthly allowance. See the new charges.

Meanwhile, we’re always investing to make our network better. Whether it’s continuing our roll-out of 4G nationwide or keeping our 2G and 3G at their best. Our network now covers around 99% of the population outdoors. And in 2018, we’ll be investing even more than last year, continuing to improve our 4G coverage where our customers need it most.


After a quick search in their website, there terms and conditions say this:

1.2 Price changes

(a) Each year your Monthly Subscription Charges will be subject to an annual adjustment by the RPI Rate, (which could be an increase or a decrease) and be announced in the February preceding the RPI Change, and the adjusted amount will appear on your April bill.

Example: If monthly subscription charges are £21 a month when you sign up, then: (RPI rates illustrative only)

If RPI announced is 3.0%, you would see your monthly airtime subscription charge increase to £21.63 a month on your first April bill(i.e. £21 x 1.030 = £21.63; and

If the following year’s RPI was announced as 2.7%, you would see your monthly subscription charge increase to £22.21 a month (i.e. £21.63 x 1.027 = £22.21401.

(b) Your Out-of-Bundle prices may also change and we reserve the right to increase Charges at any time by any amount. We'll post details of Charges on our Website and, for those Charges that we provide with a recurring subscription, we'll let you know at least 30 days before the Charges are due to go up.

(c) If you do not accept the new Charges you may be able to stop using the services or terminate your Agreement by giving us notice within 30 days of being informed of the new Charges. If you don't give us notice you accept the new Charges and the Agreement will continue with the new Charges. Full details of how and when to give notice and the circumstances under which you can terminate your Agreement are in Sections 5 and 8 of your Services Agreement.

Do you think i will be able to terminate my contract as stated in (c)?

Thanks for your help.
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The key is the word may. Have you checked sections 5 and 8 like it says? That should answer your question
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If they are increasing your contract then yes you can leave
No you can't, it depends on the rpi rate, and whether the percentage increase is greater.
These RPI increases have been written into contracts for some years now so I would say you can't terminate the contract.
You can terminate your contract but remember you will still have to pay off the phone cost which is normally the lions share of the monthly charge. If your paying £27 a month you are probably looking at roughly about £17 for the remaining months.
you cant terminate. Current RPI is 4% your price increase is by 4%. O2 is not breaching the contract here at all

but hang on last year RPI was 3.1% so the price increase should be 0.9% should it not?
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You could only if the increase was greater than the RPI, which is not.

With O2 anyway, if you're on a Refresh contract, you can terminate whenever. You just pay off the device portion of the contract and then you're free to end the airtime.
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