02 joggler compatabile usb stick

    i have bought a joggler but now need a compatabile usb stick, does anyone know of any that work 100% as i know not all of them work. I dont want to buy one and find out it doesnt work

    looking for a 4gb, any suggestions


    I use this one in a USB Hub - works nice and fast :thumbsup:…tml

    sandisk cruzer from play. I think they are about £7

    I've just bought a sandisk cruzer blade 4gb from argos and been trying for last 4 hours to load this blinking thing up, is this compatable if so i need a step by step guide to doing the file loading bit cos i've dowloaded so much stuff my comp is now dying arg xxx

    use the instructions from here…er/
    the sandisk cruzer was the one that worked for me. Follow the instructions further down the page if you have windows

    I've tried that, took 1 hr 34 mins to download then all the extracting and unzipping i just don't know how that all works, i just end up with nothing, been trying since 4.14 this afternoon haven't even fed kids i've been so obsessed, but not got any further forward lol, maybe it just my computer , it's old (xp)

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    cheers every1


    Whats the fuss with these?

    What can you do with them?


    Whats the fuss with these?What can you do with them?

    ]Play around, send/receive texts, stream music and film, youtube, web browser, photo frame etc.

    It's not a bad little gadget for £50:thumbsup:


    I use this one in a USB Hub - works nice and fast … I use this one in a USB Hub - works nice and fast :thumbsup:

    I've tried two of these (one has a green light, the other an orange???) and have not succeeded at all. Have tried everything including a powered USB hub to no avail. Any tips - much appreciated.
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