02 Joggler sync to media player?

    Just got a new joggler today, i have managed to sync the joggler and pc togther and it shows all my mp3 etc files on the joggler but when i go to play any track it starts to shuffle through presumeably random songs and sometimes puts a track on that i never even chose( it does play).
    But most of the time just twitches around scrolling up and down itself and the play button seems to be depressing and pressing, anyone got any insight on what is going on, oh i can access pics fine on joggler too.
    could it be i have too many songs 8000+ on pc, could that be it, cos at the moment its a £50 calendar and alarm i have here


    Have you checked the settings to see if some option is turned on that just shuffles tracks? Or is there a pattern to how they are being played, i.e. alphabetically?

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    its not on shuffle, but have noticed it scrolls down until it can play a song, ive noticed it played this particular song couple of times.
    it is like the other songs before it in the list are not the right format, and keeps going down then plays what it can. But they are all mp3's, so im more confused now

    Try and see which ones dont play and see if there is a pattern in the way they are played. Also make sure theres no playlists created, also see what happens if they are all in the same directory rather than say folders?

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    ah, not in the same folders/direc, ok will try cheers, but im not too optimistic

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    cheers, working beautifully:thumbsup:

    No probs. Quite pleased, I don't even own a joggler

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    well you know what to do if you get one, now ive got 8000 + songs on this joggler and its all touch screen, can search songs by artist ,album,or alphabetically, next thing to do is to get it hacked to get the tv channels and other stuff on there:)
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