02 Online PAYG phone question

    I'm going to order a SE K750i off 02s website for my younger brother, he wants a new phone, and if he gets 02 then he can just use his current sim card in the phone. Before I buy though, am I obliged to use the sim card that o2 will send with the phone, as the online PAYG tariffs you have to top up once a month. Will I be ok buying the phone and using my current sim card, whilst prety much binning the one that comes in the box?

    Ta very much.


    You should be able to call O2 on freephone number from the site and set up a PAYG tarriff like the ones from the site

    you dont need to top up once a month. the deal is that you top up lets say 10 pounds and you get 100 mins to use in that month. after that month you can use the balance (which is 10 pounds in this case).
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