I have a new talktalk mobile contract which is fine but I keep seeing all these freebies on this site for O2 priority moments. I don't need another contract to get them but I was wondering if it was possible to get a payg sim from o2 and put it in an old phone to be able to claim the freebies??? Would anyone have any idea Thank You


    Yes just download the priority app onto your phone.
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    Does that mean I can download onto my Iphone with the talktalk sim in it or do I have to change sim first as when you go on the o2 website its asks for your mobile number before it will let you do anything?

    you can download the app via the app store i think you only need to enter the number to confirm.

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    No if its not an O2 mobile number than you cant download the app

    you can download the app even if your not on o2, you just have to do it via wifi not via your mobile data, then just follow the instructions and activate the app with code they send to your o2 payg sim

    I had O2 in my current phone and activated it. Moved networks a year ago and recently discovered it's still active!
    Just pop that sim In to activate (get the text), then swap back and go back to normal!

    Hi so if I understand this right I can download the app and then change the sim back to my contact one and still use the app on phone is that right thanks

    ok here is what i have done... order free o2 payg sim, when u get the sim put in your mobile, download the app, and activate it (it will send code to the o2 sim , put that in the app when asked) once activated you should be able to see the deal, then remove the o2 sim and put back your original sim.
    keep the sim and number handy i will need in the future for any problems with app to activate it again.
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