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Found 15th May
So I ordered a sim 2 months ago and have been using it for... well 2 months to get access to 02 priority. I logged into the application today and it’s asking me to top up my sim in order to keep using 02 priority. Is this something new or does it always happen after a couple of months? Anyways if I went to my local shop and bought a sim for £1, would I be able to create a new account and enjoy 02 priority again?

I don’t mind topping up £10, but I’m unsure how long it will grant me access to the application so I’m not going to risk it. Thanks!
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People are saying it's something new but i've just checked mine and it's still working even though i'm using a 3 sim.
I got this as well. Never had this message before but after a few months the number you have will expire as they tend to recycle numbers. Have you tried putting in the original sim? Check this out as well hotukdeals.com/dis…930
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I have got the same issue as well. When sending the text to resignup on my unused 02 number I now get a message "to continue enjoying priority, please top up and then click resend code' on the priority app. :-(
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