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    Ordering the £20 deal online & need my mum to do it as I am under 18, she is worried that it will tie her into something even though its a 1 month contract, am I right in thinking it will take the £20 & thats it done unless I went over the minutes & texts allowence?

    No need to phone up & cancel it or anything or will it be on a dircet debit until we do cancel?

    Also, if I order online, how do I keep my same number (i'm on 02 pay & go at the moment)



    The £20 will be taken on a certain date every month (they will tell you which date) by direct debit. If you use more minutes/texts than you have then they'll add on the cost of those at the end of the month.

    If you want to cancel, you have to give advance notice (presumably of a month if you're on a 1 month contract). Call them or do it online through the online (when you get your login details to access your account online)

    To keep your number if you're already on O2, then give O2 a call once you've received your SIM and they can sort it out for you (takes a few days).

    It will take the £20 from your bank account every month. If you go over the allowance then it will take this amount also but you will be sent an email beforehand telling you how much you are being billed for, you can also log in to your o2 account anytime to see your allowance & balance.
    You just call up o2 customer services to keep your exsisting number.....I went from pay & go to simplicity 2 years ago and still have my original number.
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