02 text cost abroad

    Anyone know how much it costs to send a text message back to the UK from Turkey on a 02 mobile?


    why not check the o2 webite????????

    all i know is vodafone is 24p so o2 wont be much different

    02 is 25p a text for definate i always use my mobile when im there cheaper than a phone card

    Depends if its pay as you go or contract.
    If its contract it may just come out of your text allowance as 4 texts.
    You should call o2 to confirm this though.

    International text messages sent abroad is 16p. It's on O2's website!

    well i can definately say that 02 pay as you go do not charge 16p to send a message!!! they charge three times more!!! Prior to going, 02 told me they charged only 12p but I visited istanbul last week...and every time i sent a message to the UK, it costs me 50p!!! Dont even talk about calling!!! I called my friend who was with me on holiday in turkey who is also with 02 and her phone was switched off!!! It costs me £1.50!!!
    o2 is a rob job!!!

    I went to Turkey last July and I came back with a £75 phone bill for only a couple of short calls
    I wasn't making the same mistake this year when I went in May I told everyone back home no calls at all. I'll only be texting to say there safe & sound etc. I did send about 8 texts and I thought I would have had a couple of £ to pay but when I got my bill I hadnt been billed at all for the texts so they must have come out my monthly allowance. Im on a simplicity contract.
    I think charges for texts and calls are much higher for PAYG.
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