02 Unlimited SIM Cards (Free ones you order)

    Just ordered these.... How long will they take to arrive? Need them quite urgently for me and my girlfriend and I dont want it to take no longer than a week......

    I already have some standard 02 Pay As You Go SIMS but it's not possible to change over to 02 Unlimited am i right thinking? I'll need the actual SIM thats for that Tariff? Again sorry for all the questions cant get some straight answers off the net lol, Rep all around for helpful comments


    Took about 4/5 wks for mine 2 arrive

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    Took about 4/5 wks for mine 2 arrive

    urghhh.... damn

    EDIT: I just found my answer!…ime

    just need to text in and change over! i'm no way waiting weeks..... thread can be closed

    Can you go to an o2 shop and get some. This is what I did when I lost my sim a few years ago.

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