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Found 12th Jan 2009
When today I tried to upgrade my O2 phone at the end of a contract, I was told that my 12 month contract could only be upgraded to an 18 month contract due to the way 02 now structures its pricing. Apparantly, 18 month deals work out cheaper for its customers. Also they would not honour my exisitng deal of £35p/m with a £15 discount when I requested upgrade to the new Sony Ericsson C905. So, I requested my PAC code, had it sent (my hope was that the threat of leaving was sufficient for 02 to meet my simple request!!...wrong!!) and so looked around. I didn't want to leave 02 as it had always worked out well, but I needed something akin to my current deal, and the best they could offer was a £31p/m deal on 18months. So,,,,
I walked into Phones4U, explained what I wanted and the guy couldn't work quick enough to give me what I wanted. I had always been very sceptical of firms like this, The Link and Carphone Warehouse. I left 30 minutes later totally flabergasted at how helpful they were and with what I wanted. I think that in this day and age of folk being difficult at every turn, this was a breath of fresh air. For interest, the store was Thurrock Lakeside Phones4U.


and your point/deal was????

is this a deal?

Glad it worked out, but not actually a "deal" for others to share is it.. may be better off in MISC section...?

Or is it a deal after all? Hmmm.... not enough detail to tell

I agree its rubbish. I moaned like crazy to get 12 months at vodafone. Why on earth do I want a phone for 18 months..... how boring.............

Do they not realise I dont want to be married to the junk.lol

Thats why I got put of with iphone.

Try vodafone.... but only got a good deal as existing customer. Also ring back straight away. Each operator always does different deals etc.

no deal on offer here. just a long story....................

I just upgraded with O2 through Carphone Warehouse and they also insisted that they could only give me 12 months free (which was the deal I had before) but that I would have to take an 18 month contract, so it worked out £11odd per month.

Found a deal at phones4u £9odd per month for 12 months with a cheapy phone, so phoned CPW again and spoke to a different guy who easily gave me the 12months free on a 12 month contract!

from a phones4u employee....?...everyone needs to drum up sales these days...

For interest, the store was Thurrock Lakeside Phones4U.

The guys first post, give him a break !


Moved to MISC, thanks :thumbsup:


The guys first post, give him a break !

Well said.
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