Found 24th Feb 2008
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edit: YOU should paste this ]Here
come on give us a clue!!

ok ive gone blind - something new for kids to play with
you need to state it's only for Internet Explorer also ;o)
what does it do , im on firefox so it wont work for me
do it on google.co.uk

aw tell me this isnt fair, i have no IE
are you on Windows Vista or Windows Xp .... or what?

you must have IE.

try this (for vista) - C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
im on a mac with firefox
that's cool but how do I make it stop? lol
Original Poster
Right ill put you all out of your missery it makes all flash based logos and displays spin around the screen in ie7 if you have a different os just type it in google and watch it on yourtube 3 line down in google
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