edit: YOU should paste this ]Here
come on give us a clue!!

ok ive gone blind - something new for kids to play with
you need to state it's only for Internet Explorer also ;o)
what does it do , im on firefox so it wont work for me
do it on google.co.uk

aw tell me this isnt fair, i have no IE
are you on Windows Vista or Windows Xp .... or what?

you must have IE.

try this (for vista) - C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
im on a mac with firefox
that's cool but how do I make it stop? lol
Right ill put you all out of your missery it makes all flash based logos and displays spin around the screen in ie7 if you have a different os just type it in google and watch it on yourtube 3 line down in google
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