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Along with.....

1455 - King John II of Portugal (d. 1495) 1520 - Matthias Flacius, … 1455 - King John II of Portugal (d. 1495) 1520 - Matthias Flacius, Croatian Protestant reformer (d. 1575) 1583 - Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Cherbury, English diplomat, poet, and philosopher (d. 1648) 1589 - Gisbertus Voetius, Dutch theologian (d. 1676) 1606 - Edmund Waller, British poet (d. 1687) 1652 - Thomas Otway, British dramatist (d. 1685) 1678 - Madeleine de Verchères, French Canadian heroine (d. 1747) 1778 - Frederica of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Queen of Hannover (d. 1841) 1793 - William Charles Macready, English actor (d. 1873) 1800 - Heinrich Georg Bronn, German geologist (d. 1862) 1805 - Jonas Furrer, first President of the Swiss Confederation (d. 1861) 1831 - George Pullman, American inventor and industrialist (d. 1897) 1839 - Jamsetji Tata, Indian industrialist (d. 1904) 1845 - Georg Cantor, German mathematician (d. 1918) 1847 - Alexander Graham Bell, Scottish inventor (d. 1922) 1851 - Alexandros Papadiamantis, Greek author (d. 1911) 1860 - John Montgomery Ward, American baseball player (d. 1925) 1863 - Arthur Machen, Welsh-born author (d. 1947) 1866 - Fred A. Busse, Mayor of Chicago (d. 1914) 1871 - Maurice Garin, French cyclist (d. 1957) 1873 - William Green, American labor union leader (d. 1952) 1880 - Florence Auer, American actress (d. 1962) 1880 - Yōsuke Matsuoka, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan (d. 1946) 1883 - Cyril Burt, educational psychologist (d. 1971) 1886 - Tore Ørjasæter, Norwegian poet (d. 1968) 1890 - Norman Bethune, Canadian doctor and humanitarian (d. 1939) 1893 - Beatrice Wood, American artist and ceramicist (d. 1998) 1895 - Ragnar Anton Kittil Frisch, Norwegian economist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1973) 1895 - Matthew Ridgway, Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, U.S. Army Chief of Staff (d. 1993) 1910 - Kittens Reichert, American silent screen child actor (d. 1990) 1911 - Jean Harlow, American actress (d. 1937) 1911 - Hugues Lapointe, Canadian politician and Lieutenant governor of Quebec (d. 1982) 1918 - Dr. Arthur Kornberg, American Nobel Prize laureate in 1959 for the discovery of DNA polymerase (d. 2007) 1918 - Fritz Thiedemann, German equestrian (d. 2000) 1920 - Julius Boros, American golfer (d. 1994) 1920 - James Doohan, Canadian-born actor (d. 2005) 1920 - Ronald Searle, British illustrator 1922 - Nándor Hidegkuti, Hungarian footballer (d. 2002) 1923 - Barney Martin, American actor (d. 2005) 1923 - Doc Watson, American musician 1924 - Tomiichi Murayama, former Prime Minister of Japan 1924 - Ali Faik Zaghloul, Egyptian radio presenter 1926 - Lys Assia, Swiss singer 1926 - Joseph Anthony Ferrario, American Catholic prelate (d. 2003) 1926 - James Merrill, American poet (d. 1995) 1927 - Pierre Aubert, member of the Swiss Federal Council 1930 - Heiner Geißler, German politician 1930 - Ion Iliescu, President of Romania 1933 - Marco Antonio Muñiz, Mexican singer (Los Tres Aces) 1933 - Lee Radziwill, American fashion executive 1933 - Alfredo Landa, Spanish actor 1937 - Bobby Driscoll, American actor (d. 1968) 1940 - Germán Castro Caycedo, Colombian writer and journalist 1940 - Perry Ellis, fashion designer (d. 1986) 1940 - Owen Spencer-Thomas, English broadcaster, journalist and Anglican clergyman 1942 - Mike Pender, English singer and guitarist (The Searchers) 1945 - George Miller, Australian film director 1946 - John Virgo, English snooker player 1947 - Jennifer Warnes, American singer and songwriter 1947 - Otto Stuppacher, Austrian racing driver (d. 2001) 1948 - Snowy White, British guitarist (Thin Lizzy, Pink Floyd) 1949 - Jüri Allik, Estonian psychologist 1949 - Gloria Hendry, American actress 1949 - Jesse Jefferson, American baseball player 1950 - Tim Kazurinsky, American actor and comedian 1951 - Lindsay Cooper, English musician and composer (Henry Cow, News from Babel) 1952 - Dermot Morgan, Irish actor and comedian (d. 1998) 1953 - Robyn Hitchcock, British musician 1953 - Zico, Brazilian footballer 1954 - Édouard Lock, Canadian dance choreographer (La La La Human Steps) 1955 - Andy Breckman, American comedian and radio personality 1956 - Zbigniew Boniek, Polish footballer 1958 - Miranda Richardson, British actress 1958 - Marc Silvestri, American comic book artist and publisher (Top Cow Productions) 1959 - Ira Glass, American radio host 1960 - Neal Heaton, American baseball player 1960 - Colin Wells, English cricketer 1961 - Perry McCarthy, English racing driver 1961 - Fatima Whitbread, English javelin thrower 1961 - Knut Nærum, Norwegian comedian 1962 - Jackie Joyner-Kersee, American athlete 1962 - Glen E. Friedman, American photographer and artist 1962 - Herschel Walker, American football player 1963 - Sophia Aliberti, Greek actress and TV presenter 1964 - Raúl Alcalá, Mexican cyclist 1964 - Laura Harring, Mexican-born American actress 1964 - Duncan Phillips, Australian drummer (Newsboys) 1966 - Fernando Colunga, Mexican actor 1966 - Timo Tolkki, Finnish musician (Stratovarius) 1966 - Tone Lōc, American rapper and actor 1968 - Brian Leetch, American ice hockey player 1969 - Simon Whitlock, Australian Darts Player 1970 - Julie Bowen, American actress 1970 - Inzamam-ul-Haq, Pakistani cricketer 1971 - Tyler Florence, chef, Food Network personality, & cookbook author 1972 - Darren Anderton, English footballer 1973 - Romāns Vainšteins, Latvian cyclist 1973 - Victoria Zdrok, Ukrainian model 1974 - David Faustino, American actor 1976 - Fraser Gehrig, Australian rules footballer 1977 - Ronan Keating, Irish singer 1977 - Stéphane Robidas, Canadian ice hockey player 1978 - Matt Diaz, American baseball player 1978 - Seomoon Tak, Korean singer 1979 - Patrick Renna, American actor 1979 - Alex Zane, English comedian 1980 - Mason Unck, American football player 1981 - Dusty Dvoracek, American football player 1981 - Kim Yoo-Jin (Eugene), South Korean singer and actress 1981 - Lil' Flip, American rapper 1981 - Emmanuel Pappoe, Ghanaian footballer 1981 - Sung Yu Ri, South Korean singer and actress 1982 - Jessica Biel, American actress 1985 - Sam Morrow, Northern Irish footballer 1986 - Stacie Orrico, American singer 1992 - Madison Cross, American singer and actress

And a couple of events of note while we're C&P'ing.....

1575 - Indian Mughal Emperor Akbar defeats Bengali army at the Battle of … 1575 - Indian Mughal Emperor Akbar defeats Bengali army at the Battle of Tukaroi 1585 - The Olympic Theatre, designed by Andrea Palladio, is inaugurated in Vicenza 1791 - The United States Mint is created by the U.S. Congress. 1803 - Colégio Militar is founded in Portugal by Colonel Teixeira Rebello. 1817 - The Alabama Territory is created by splitting the Mississippi Territory. 1820 - The U.S. Congress passes the Missouri Compromise. 1833 - According to Akilattirattu Ammanai, Ayya Vaikundar arises from the sea as avatar of Narayana at Thiruchendur. 1845 - Florida is admitted as the 27th U.S. state. 1845 - For the first time the U.S. Congress passes legislation overriding a presidential veto. 1849 - The United States Department of the Interior is established. 1849 - The U.S. Congress passes the Gold Coinage Act allowing the minting of gold coins. 1857 - France and the United Kingdom declare war on China. 1861 - Alexander II of Russia signs the Emancipation Manifesto, freeing serfs. 1863 - Idaho Territory organizes as a political division of the United States. 1865 - The U.S. Congress authorizes formation of the Freedmen's Bureau. 1865 - Opening of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, the founding member of the HSBC Group. 1873 - Censorship: The U.S. Congress enacts the Comstock Law, making it illegal to send any "obscene, lewd, or lascivious" books through the mail. 1875 - The first ever organized indoor game of ice hockey is played in Montreal, Canada as recorded in The Montreal Gazette. 1877 - Rutherford B. Hayes is privately inaugurated as the 19th President of the United States (his public inauguration coming on March 5). 1878 - Bulgaria regains its independence from Ottoman Empire according to the Treaty of San Stefano; shortly after Congress of Berlin stripped its status to an autonomous state of the Ottoman Empire 1879 - The United States Geological Survey is created. 1885 - The American Telephone and Telegraph Company is incorporated in New York State. 1891 - The Penalty Spot Kick rule in Football is conceived, but does not come into effect until the next season 1904 - Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany becomes the first person to make a sound recording of a political document, using Thomas Edison's cylinder. 1905 - Tsar Nicholas II of Russia agrees to create an elected assembly (the Duma). 1910 - Rockefeller Foundation: J.D. Rockefeller Jr. announces his retirement from managing his businesses so that he could devote full time to being a philanthropist. 1913 - Establishment of the first football club in Bulgaria - Ticha, now known as PFC "Cherno More". 1915 - NACA, the predecessor of NASA founded. 1918 - Germany, Austria and Russia sign the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk ending Russia's involvement in World War I, and leading to the independence of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. 1923 - TIME magazine is published for the first time. 1924 - The 1400-year-old Islamic caliphate is abolished when Caliph Abdul Mejid II of the Ottoman Empire is deposed. The last remnant of the old regime gives way to the reformed Turkey ofKemal Atatürk. 1931 - The United States officially adopts "The Star-Spangled Banner" as its national anthem. 1933 - Mount Rushmore National Memorial is dedicated. 1933 - US President Herbert Hoover signs the Norris-LaGuardia Act into law and opening the doors to increased unionization. 1938 - Oil is discovered in Saudi Arabia. 1939 - In Mumbai, Mohandas Gandhi begins to fast in protest of the autocratic rule in India. 1940 - Five people are killed in an arson attack on the offices of the communist newspaper Norrskensflamman in Luleå, Sweden. 1942 - World War II: Ten Japanese warplanes raid the town of Broome, Western Australia killing more than 100 people. 1943 - World War II: In London, England, 173 people are killed in a crush while trying to enter an air-raid shelter at Bethnal Green tube station. 1944 - The Order of Nakhimov and Order of Ushakov were instituted in USSR as the highest naval awards. 1945 - World War II: Previously neutral Finland declares war on the Axis powers. 1953 - A Canadian Pacific Airlines De Havilland Comet crashes in Karachi, Pakistan killing 11. 1958 - Nuri as-Said becomes the prime minister of Iraq for the 14th time. 1961 - Hassan II becomes King of Morocco. 1969 - Apollo program: NASA launches Apollo 9 to test the lunar module. 1971 - Beginning of Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 and India's official entry to the Bangladesh Liberation War in support of Mukti Bahini 1972 - Mohawk Airlines Flight 405 crashes in unexplained circumstances. 1974 - Turkish Airlines Flight 981 crashes at Ermenonville near Paris, France killing all 346 aboard. 1974 - Roman Catholic and Lutheran officials reach an agreement for eventual reconciliation into one communion, marking the first agreement between the two churches since the Reformation. 1976 - 5 workers are killed by the police in a demonstration in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. 1980 - USS Nautilus stricken. 1985 - Arthur Scargill declares that the National Union of Mineworkers national executive voted to end the longest-running industrial dispute in Britain without any peace deal over pit closures. 1985 - Censorship: Women Against Pornography award their "Pig Award" to Huggies Diapers, claiming that the television ads had "crossed the line between eye-catching and porn." 1991 - An amateur video captures the beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police officers. 1991 - In two concurring referendums: 74 % of the population of Latvia vote for independence from the Soviet Union, in Estonia - 83 %. 1992 - The nation of Bosnia was established. 1995 - In Somalia, the United Nations peacekeeping mission ends. 1997 - The tallest free-standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere, Sky Tower in downtown Auckland, New Zealand, opens after two-and-a-half years of construction. 2002 - Citizens of Switzerland narrowly vote in favour of their country becoming a member of the United Nations. 2004 - Belgian brewer Interbrew and Brazilian rival AmBev agreed to merge in a $11.2 billion deal that formed InBev, the world's largest brewer. 2005 - Mayerthorpe Incident: James Roszko murders four Royal Canadian Mounted Police constables during a drug bust at his property in Rochfort Bridge, Alberta, then commits suicide. It is the deadliest peace-time incident for the RCMP since 1885 and the North-West Rebellion. 2005 - Steve Fossett becomes the first person to fly an airplane around the world solo without any stops without refueling - a journey of 40,234 km/25,000 mi completed in 67 hours and 2 minutes.

You ALWAYS have to go 'one' better C32! There's no show without Punch is there!!!! :whistling::-D


You ALWAYS have to go 'one' better C32! There's no show without Punch is … You ALWAYS have to go 'one' better C32! There's no show without Punch is there!!!! :whistling::-D

When you're on "Who wants to be a Millionaire" & they ask you.....

"In what year was Floirida admitted as the 27th US state?"

you'll thank me.....


When you're on "Who wants to be a Millionaire" & they ask you....."In … When you're on "Who wants to be a Millionaire" & they ask you....."In what year was Floirida admitted as the 27th US state?"you'll thank me.....

Ok, ok, I will bear that in mind!!!

Question for you - Would you be my phone a friend?

So nothing interesting ahs happened in the last 2 years on this day then???

Anyway well done Mr. Bell another great Scot!


Question for you - Would you be my phone a friend?

You know when people talk about "scraping the bottom of the barrel".....I reckon you'd have to be looking UNDER it before you ended up desperate enough to call on me.....


You know when people talk about "scraping the bottom of the barrel".....I … You know when people talk about "scraping the bottom of the barrel".....I reckon you'd have to be looking UNDER it before you ended up desperate enough to call on me.....

You've gone all soft in your old age Charlie!!!

Lovely Mothers Day thread and now this!!!



And I merely mentioned a few other characters & events of note.....

He never got over being called 'Bell-end' at school, apparently.

Incredible to think that the first pseudo-telephony systems are still used over a thousand years since they were invented though!

From one product designer to another... happy birthday mr. bell.

Do you think that's why people say give us a bell, when talking about the telephone?

More likely because the ringers always used to be bells? Hence 'give us a tinkle' too?


More likely because the ringers always used to be bells? Hence 'give us a … More likely because the ringers always used to be bells? Hence 'give us a tinkle' too?

Aww I see... hey no ones giving u a tinkle... it's not one of those sites on here... :P

OP did u know it was Graham Bell's bday cos of google... just realised myself.

Can't see how that spells google to be honest... more goolle than anything else.


Aww I see... hey no ones giving u a tinkle... it's not one of those sites … Aww I see... hey no ones giving u a tinkle... it's not one of those sites on here... :P

*posts deal for reduced golden showers at B&Q*

Bell did not invent the telephone - he stole the idea from an Italian who couldnt afford the patent…ews

This was on QI years ago, the guys name was Antonio Meucci

er, that's probably why it says 'associated with the invention of the telephone'?

QI is absolute rubbish (hence the description of Stephen Fry as 'The stupid person's idea of a clever person' lol) and the invention of telephony- as I noted before- can be evidentially traced back to more than 1000 years ago.

Anyway, Bell patened it and that pretty much gives him ownership over the concept. As far as I remember, Meucci filed a patent for the idea of two people talking over a long distance via electronics- no actual invention? That's like George Lucas putting holographic displays in Star Wars and trying to claim he invented it really!

BillyX - did you read the whole paragraph before commenting?........."Bell considered his most famous invention an intrusion on his real work" - that says HE invented it, does it not??

It is also known that Meucci did produce a WORKING prototype of the telephone.

So however "rubbish" QI is, it is obviously more reliable than your own sources!!

Dont get me wrong, I am not saying that QI is gospel, far from it. I just remember seeing this a few years ago.

Oh and what has Stephen Fry's intelligence got to do with the program QI? He is the presenter mate not the researcher.

Ah now this goes to an interesting point- the reflective historical as represented in grammar. For comparison, let's consider the inventor of the PS2. Is it correct to say he- and his team- invented it when it is merely a refinement, a development of not only the PS1 but many previous consoles? Bell certainly invented the basics of the telephone system that we use today, so it's possible to refer to him as the inventor in that sense. My source is my memory (which is admittedly pretty holey sometimes!) but I seem to recall that Meucci claimed to have invented a telephone 'but it was lost and the plans caught on fire' or something- is that right? Seem to recall the QI ep (I do enjoy it, esp when Sean Lock or Rory McGrath are on) that mentioned phones having something along the lines of 'but of course the Italians claim to have invented everything' and a long list of unlikely Italian inventions... tacked on to the end of the conversation!

Hmmn, i'm intrigued now, and am gonna go research this tomorrow, wonder who invented the mobile phone? I know texting was invented (suggested) by a Nokia research group of seven year old boys who said they wanted to ask girls out without having to speak to them- very handy for us older boys too eh ;-)

Anyway- not often we have a thread here that makes me think- so ta!

touche - good response, rep left

Cant stand Rory McGrath personally, more of a Dara O'Brien fan

Rep returned :thumbsup:

Rory McGrath is like marmite- brown and sticky. As it happens, I can't stand Dara O'Brien!

You've got to start posting here more often DJNG. We need more intelligent and interesting posters as a lot of the good people have left. Hope to share a few thoughts again...


*posts deal for reduced golden showers at B&Q*

I stand corrected... it would appear you can have a tinkle on here and not get in trouble.
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