I pay £40.50 for XL tv inc setanta channels (everything except movies), XL broadband and basic phoneline

    do you have sky sport

    I pay £47.00 for xl broadband, xl tv and evening and weekend phone. Is that alot would you say.:)

    xl broadband is always slow too.

    I pay £50 odd a month for: Slow and **** 2MB Broadband, **** basic channels, and **** phoneline. Who are they? Virgin Media


    £26.95 for XL broadband and basic phoneline rental

    I pay £19.95 for Unlimited Medium Broadband + 24 -7 unlimited phone + Basic Tv Package...

    £30 for XL TV, Basic Phone, 2mb be honest, barely use the tv package and would rather have a better internet connection (though no probs with what I'm on) but not sure what's the best way to go about asking them...

    20mg Broadband Connection, XL cable package( all channels) and Talk unlimited on the home phone

    I PAY £ [COLOR="Red"]15 [/COLOR]Per month !

    ( the only perk in working for an ISP is the package i get )


    I pay 26.95 for 10mb broadband (L), Basic Tv (M) and Talk Unlimited (XL) + Talk Mobile+Talk International.

    £57 20mb BB, XL TV inc sport+movies, XL phone+caller dispay +international, V+ and extra box


    ( the only perk in working for an ISP is the package i get )

    ISP? So you don't work for Virgin then:thumbsup:


    XL Broadband - L Phone with caller display - M tv


    thats not a bad deal

    they offered me this when i moved, when i called to arrange my equipment being moved they said theyd see what they could do for me cos the package i was on was one of the first and was now non exsistent!! Lucky for me the OH loves sport! Dont have sky sports or movies though, but we have on demand so that doesnt bother me.:thumbsup:

    Just got xl tv, xl bb and 24/7 phone for £53.95 p/m for 12mths and now virgin mobile 300/300 for an extra £10. The lot for £64 a month. ouch

    i used to get the VIP pack for £51 for 6 months the £61 for 6 months but the deal has run out and iv phones 4 times to better deal and they all told me that its £85 and thats it no better deal!!??

    has anyone else found this?
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