Do you like traditional or modern names?


    a name usually springs to mind once they are born, although my little one was "the baby" for a week:oops:

    I was other way round, had loads of boys names but couldn't pick girls names.
    I can think of loads of boys but what sort of name do you want, trendy, old fashioned etc?

    Personally, I love the name 'Cosmo' for a boy. Or 'Aidan'.

    i was going to call my cat cosmo.....

    My 15 year old daughter suggests Jack, Jake, Adam or Matthew.


    aggghhh i have the same problem ( im 29 weeks)

    but at the moment im quite liking

    I find it hard to pick boys names but girls are easier for us to figure out. My son wasn't named till the Monday and he was born on the Friday before. There a lot of websites that give names just search things like babies names. There always lists compiled of these things,also go to your local libary to get a few books on it,I wouldn't buy a book personally like that when library sufficient.
    I like names beginning with C for some reason and ppl joke to us are we going name the next child with an English or Scottish name seeing we had Irish & Welsh.
    It was always going be Cerys even when I was pregnant 1st time round if girl then out come a boy so got to use Cerys 2nd time round.

    Were you on skybet earlier (free bingo all night tonight:thumbsup:)?? Someone on there was talking about exactly the same thing!


    i was going to call my cat cosmo.....

    What did you call it, then?

    Sean, like me

    Obvious question but have you bought a baby name book?
    We trawled through loads making short lists.
    There are names in them that you might not have thought about.
    We were the same as Sassie and waited a week until naming our little boy.


    aggghhh i have the same problem ( im 29 weeks)but at the moment im quite … aggghhh i have the same problem ( im 29 weeks)but at the moment im quite likingoliver leokiankaiharry luke

    Kai is cool.
    Oliver too posh for my liking and I don't do anything like Harry,Charles,Sid,Arthur,a lot of those older names are becoming popular its like a few generations backs all the names used then are coming back round.

    Has meanings next to the names

    My little boy is called Charlie with i personally think is an ace name.

    Just dug out the short list I had for boys names from when I was pregnant;


    You know when time comes round after a few days,you say this really suits. Plus you have a a funny name for your baby later on too cos some idea will come into mind.


    if our baby is a girl we have agreed on Purdy Amber what do you think?

    Purdy is a great name - very unusual so you can be sure no-one else will have it :thumbsup:

    shibi din;1735182

    What did you call it, then?

    I called her bella instead! bit of a change i know, but then she was going to be growler and gizmo as well!!! she's bonkers if you haven't already guessed!!!!!

    no doubt about it


    if our baby is a girl we have agreed on Purdy Amber what do you think?

    thats very pretty

    Call him Jacques like me, if it's a boy of course.



    my daughter was named from when i got pregant, first and second name, and the midwife said most change their mind when baby is born, but i never she was named wha shed been called whilst pregnant, when the little guy was born i hadnt even considered that i could give birth to a horror so hadnt even thought of any names, and finally after a week of people saying you really need to give the little guy a name we did - lol

    whats wrong with dave i think its a really funny name for a baby.

    "what have you named him?"
    "we're going to call him dave"
    "oh... david is a nice name."
    "no not david, just dave. little baby dave!"

    I have 3 kids and 1 on the way:whistling:

    so i have some baby naming experiance!

    For a boy we are looking at:


    One thing we were laughing at is like old fashioned names.
    For instance Joshua is back out again but what about classics
    like "Trevor" or "Arthur" etc

    You never see a baby in a pram and when asked theproud mum never
    says"We named him........Trevor"

    (Apologies to any Trevor or Arthurs!!:oops:)


    if our baby is a girl we have agreed on Purdy Amber what do you think?

    I definitely think that sounds like a cat's name. My friend's cat is called Amber and she purrs. Purry Amber.

    Alfie is a good take on an old name. I personally quite like that one:)


    i take it you watch the royal family then

    nope, is there a baby dave on there? seriously though cant go wrong with the name David

    If i ever have a baby boy i'd give it david as a middle name after my bro who died when he was 18. it's a nice thing to do i think.

    i have 5 here are there names
    luke andrew
    amy louise
    kyle eryl (eryl after my late uncle)
    joshua lee
    zack aiden

    Had 2 pregnacys both times girls but the choice of boys names were 1st time around Lucas or Adam then this time Seth, I know what you'll be thinking Emmerdale but watched an american nanny program and a little boy on there was called Seth and he was gorgeous although the husband was'nt having any of it.

    I love Cameron and Dominic but can't have kids and they don't suit a dog lol




    thats a nice name that was on my baby name list
    maybe next time ;-)


    old fashioned names are more popular again, my youngest has a Stanley, Alfie and Albert in his class

    i love Daniel most

    What about-

    Scott (I have 2 girls and if they had of been boys this is the name we would havegiven them)

    In work at the moment I am icing peoples names on easter eggs, some I have to get them to spell as they are so 'unusual'!
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