I believe this can be configured as either via the Nvidia control panel

    I'm pretty sure you will find it's a video port only.

    sorry meant to write video out port!

    You need to check the actual specifications of your video card - this is not something which is specific to the graphics card core which means potentially one 8800GT could have capture hardware but one from a different board manufacturer may not. It's up to the manufacturer as to whether they fit the board with capture hardware or not and they usually make it clear if it's a capture capable one. They used to be quite common in the GF3/GF4 days but less so now.

    Often you have a cable which plugs into the s-video connection and gives you two s-video ports (one in, one out) or there are two s-video ports on the graphics card itself. The s-video port is an output one in pretty much all cases.

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