bang back!

    lucky chap!!!!

    Call the police tell them you think someone is sending coded messages through the ceiling for help! you think there is a hostage situation going on!
    ( joke dnt really do this) LOL

    need to think up something better than this to report.

    No-one ever gives a toss about noisey neighbours so you'l get deaf ears.

    U should have a neighbourhood policing set up in your area?
    Contact those, they DO actually keep notes of everything and liase with local councils in assisting ot have
    neighbours causing problems, evicted. Yes they get moved on elsewhere for someone else to deal with but least it wont be YOUR problem then..
    Do what you must, complain to council,environmental health, and Neighbourhood policing unit.Get a doctors letter saying its causing you stress etc...
    It does work, ive seen it..
    Good luck

    Go buy the most irritating song you can find, put your speakers as close to the ceiling as you can, turn it up full belt, press play... then go off out for the day!
    I did this with my ex neighbour once, I put my ex's thrash metal CD on then went out and left her to suffer for a few hours!!!

    go look thru the key hole

    and store the vision in your **** bank for later on

    Crazy Frog.


    He Is Probably Doing Diy Installing New Bath Or Re-fitting Kitchen Go Round Give Him A Hand He Will Finish It Off Quicker Instead Off Comeing On Hear Moaning For England Your Probaly No Saint Lol.

    Oh dear, that backfired didn't it????!!!!!

    Yes, very good. Especially after Harvie's the other day.

    Trouble is, if enough people cry wolf, nobody will believe anyone on here any more if they say they have a problem.



    Try it again on April 1st...


    give him a smack or get one of your friends to do it!

    Blast out soulja boy crank dat

    Drag him outside and give him a jolly good kicking!!!!

    I'm sure the police will come out to your home if you say you're going around to kill him

    throw a ]grenade through his letter box, or if the other type of banging send him a load of love letters for his girl to find.


    Are people just posting without reading other peoples posts? I think so.


    Are people just posting without reading other peoples posts? I think so.

    sorry did you say something?:p

    Sometimes I just like chips on their own, other times it's somthing else. What?
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