Well he's based in Germany, so you need to check that the warranty is valid in the UK, and check the instructions etc aren't in German.
    It looks like he's started off selling craft/hobby gear and has changed sale area..

    One note: The prams he's selling aren't a very well known brand, I'd research the manufacturer carefully before even considering buying

    What kind of thing are you looking for/what budget do you have?

    He's been reg' with Ebay for 8 months & has feedback score of 17 (as a buyer, he has none as a seller) his feedback as a buyer looks ok, quick translation :

    All top. Really quick transfer. Seller: Stani.p-61 (16) 04 Apr 08 16:40
    Playmobil Florida sound Trike (*120225258456) - View Item
    Quick payment, nice contact, any time with pleasure again, 3Psagt thank-you!!!!!! Seller: mscs00 (12555) 22 Mar 08 14:29
    Brother QL-500 | JUBILEE MODEL A | LABEL PRINTER (*280197836217) - View Item
    Thanks says Pitschrot!! Seller: pitschirot (253) 17 Mar 08 11:00
    Faller HO N 181498 15 mixed forest trees Faller 3hedges (*260216182891
    perfect Seller: *cybermac* (608) 14 Mar 08 15:21
    adidas sommersportset as good as new 176/164 (*220200311111) - View Item
    QUICKNESS PAYMENT; TOP EBAYER; WITH PLEASURE AGAIN! THANKS SAYS GRAEFENSTEINER04!:o) Seller: graefensteiner04 (10709) 06 Mar 08 16:17
    - » (¯ 'v' ¯) - » HEARTY »(¯ 'v' ¯) - » THANK - » (¯ 'v' ¯) - » says - » (¯ 'v' ¯) - » *larissa Seller: *larissa (1027) 04 Mar 08 18:53
    Beloved avenger. from Teresa Medeiros (2002) *(150214283637) - View Item
    Thanks for the pleasant / trouble-free transaction. Excellent buyer. Mark 1 Seller: lillefoot* (15886) 04 Mar 08 16:48
    Anew sweet Kennedysko leather run learner pink Gr 23 * 334 (*130196576466)
    first-class Ebayer, pay on time, with pleasure again Seller: akira_kim (144) 01 Mar 08 08:56
    more sweetly long coat checked Gr, 98, H*M (*220200870734) - View Item
    ~~ DANKE~ZAHLUNG TODAY RECEIVED ~~ Seller: schnappulator (3812) 28 Feb 08 13:26
    *PALOMINO*SCHÖNE of EARLY YEAR and SOMMERJACKE*GIRLS*GR. 98* (*190197125243) - View Item
    www_gentleman-tuning_de TOP [url][/url] Seller: www_gentleman-tuning_de (4541) 18 Feb 08 09:40
    GREAT SPORT EXHAUST OPEL DUPLEX VECTRA B Caravan (*260203211726) - View Item
    clean and quick winding up, any time again, REALLY!!! Seller: jungblut-tv (5129) 17 Feb 08 09:57
    Kenwood KDC 334 CD radio (*160192548144) - View Item
    Thanks for the pleasant / trouble-free transaction. Excellent buyer. Mark 1 Seller: bags-more_com (368) 14 Feb 08 12:26
    McNeill satchel set, ErgoLIGHT 2, 7-tlg., CHIP BLUE (*220196794022)
    Really nice contact, any time with pleasure again, so EBAY is great fun!!! Thank-you! Seller: cemburu (109) 05 Feb 08 22:21
    DayDreams hotel cheque classic inkl.unvers. DISPATCH!!! (*260196751680) - View Item
    Top Ebayer. With pleasure over and over again. Soon visit us again;) We are glad Seller: Shormann (28391) 05 Feb 08 15:06
    NEWLY RED Teddy Puppenwagen Lauflernwagen Wäsche (*290192223711) - View Item
    Everything well run, any time again!!! Seller: moe0815 (512) 05 Feb 08 13:40
    Girls Jeans of Toppolino (*230215143491) - View Item
    Everything very well, with pleasure again!! Seller: moe0815 (512) 05 Feb 08 13:39
    Girls Jeans of Toppolino (*230215142437) - View Item
    Tomorrow everything really, goes to the post!!! Seller: schrumpel6 (241) 04 Feb 08 09:49
    Mailboxes Benta Din:32671 ANEW OVP!!! (*140198700933) - View Item
    Top Ebayer, fast and very reliably! APOMAIL says Thanks!

    If it was me I think I'd watch to see what he actually sells over the next couple of weeks or so to see what seller feedback he gets.

    Looking at the prices, on that website, and the fact that they aren't known brands, I had a look at Argos, who have got a few decent ones in.

    My friend had travel systems for her kids, which she swears by…htm

    or there is a Mamas and Papas pram, for slightly more than the ebay seller…htm

    Try using ebay shops they are usually an established business. I've used online4baby a couple of times and they're pretty good. We purchased the Hauck travel system package got everything for about £250. They have got one on at the minute item no:190210013061. My husband purchased a sat nav from someone who had low feedback and when we had a problem they had changed they're tarding name and denied all knowledge of the transaction, we are still trying to get it sorted so beware!!

    first attempt didn't work, fleabay seller mooby_one

    Just another thing to watch out for some baby goods are catalogue returns or refurbished always check descriptions for wording like category 'C' or similar. Really with your budget you should be able to get a good deal, it's always worth trying local shops. Because of the "credit crunch" independent retailers will often haggle to get the sale. Good luck!


    There's a silvercross one here:…051

    Slightly over your budget at £279.99, but available with 4% cashback which equates to £11.20.
    Silvercross is a well known, reputable brand and if anything goes wrong you've a popular website to go back to.
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