Im still waiting too - they said they would wait 2 weeks to see if it pick up but that is nearly over so will find out soon and post


    Going to be paid in June.

    04 Apr 2008 22:44:17 0.00 50.00 tracked ~ Jun 2008

    My money has tracked too, just hope it all goes through.

    Mine's tracked too
    04 Apr 2008 13:32:11 0.00 50.00 tracked ~ Jun 2008

    If yours didn't track will you still get it though ?

    This happened to me with thetoyshop in Jan' this year & after lots of messing about it was declined in the end ... will not shop there again !

    Mine tracked Ok about a month ago, but no sign of validation yet......

    Mine didnt track either, I submitted a ticket & got this response from Quidco:

    "Thanks for submitting your enquiry. We're going to hold it on ice for two weeks just to make absolutely sure that it does not track in normally. If it does appear in your normal transaction list while in this status please mark this enquiry "Deleted"! The next status is called "Being Processed" which is when we take your enquiry off ice and review it to make sure you have the right info entered. When this happens we will send you another ticket update message."

    i deposited via paypal a bout 3 weeks ago ,didint track either ,put in missing transaction form got same replies as above mine been waiting to be collected for a week now. they suggest not using paypal on link as problems tracking it.

    Mine tracked straight away for june payment, got my free £25quid bet thru also (had to wager 25 in case anyone didnt know) so got big 50 on calzaghe sat night now
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