Your camera would need to support it. What's the camera?

    They are working on a card that can do this.

    Don't know of anything currecntly available that can do this... sorry...


    its a fuji finepix s5700

    Great cameras those! Dont think one would work in that as the card door needs to be shut for the camera to operate! Whats wrong with using the usb lead?

    If you dont have one or have lost it pm me i'll dig one out of my box of bits for you!



    LMAO- why wouldn't you want to do that!

    buy a bluetooth-enabled camera that use SD card
    like ]Kodak v610
    your compie has to have bluetooth too

    He already has a camera!

    raptorcigs - you're not so lazy that you'd go and buy a wireless camera, are you?

    Bluetooth range is 10m or 100m (walls permitting)

    around 10 meters, well theoretically. I've only tried 4-5 meters as long as nothing in between

    A caution though, unless you're able to set up a "file transfer"service between the two, its better to use usb cable.
    Cos if you transfer the pics using "object push" service, you have to confirm EVERY picture received in your compie! Thats not too nice if you want to transfer 100 pics, isnt it?

    My flatmate was wanting to get himself a bluetooth-enabled camera so that he could sync it with his PC without getting off the bed. I looked into it, and it turned out that it'd only transfer at a theoretical max of 1mb/s (which is to say, nowhere even near that fast). Actual transfer speeds would be no more than around 100KB/s, which would take a 5MB photograph around 9 minutes to transfer.

    So this wireless lark is a bit pish, relaly. Jam your SD card into an SD card reader, and you'll be able to transfer each photo in about a second.

    true.. i've only use it for transferring a small amount of pics

    but hey... the man asked for it


    100 KBps, 5MB (5120 KB)....... 9 minutes?More like 51.2 seconds :giggle:.

    Or 51200KB, as we stupid people call it. Oops :oops:
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