Yeah, and it leads to a full blown, in the head migraine ?

    Happened to me while i was driving once. Bad.

    i get very bad migraine it makes me sick and dizzy but what is a visual migraine ? do tell do tell

    i suffer tension migraine

    occular migrain innit? not really painfull just wierd vision

    Bits of your vision disappear - for me - it starts with a black patch on one tiny spot, then spreads out, with coloured lights in the middle, until it goes off the edge of your vision, the bit that was blurry first then starts to clear, until the whole thing is clear. Can't explain it very well! Lasts about half an hour for me, and results in a major migraine.

    yeah it's like someone just punched the living daylights out of ya.

    I had one once a couple of years ago. I was using the PC and I noticed that I couldn't focus on the word I was typing but that the rest of the text on the page was sharp.

    I asked my wife who is a migraine sufferer and she said it was a visual migraine. No pain but the blind spot spread out to be a ring that got larger and larger for about 20 minutes or so and it seemed to spread out from the centre of my vision to the edges.

    After about half an hour everything was OK again. I don't know what caused it but it has never happened again.

    I believe you can get stomach migraines too. Weird.

    That's exactly how mine go ]cannyscot. I've only ever had that about 3 times though.
    The first time was after a bad fall on a wet tiled floor... i must have mushed up something in my brain!

    I used to suffer from them all the time. It sometimes was so bad that the doctor had to be called and give me morphine when I was projectile vomiting and banging my head against the wall, but ....... I don't get them anymore. I started to recognise the symptons earlier and earlier and immediately took Anadin Extra - (worked for me).

    AT first the potential migrane was stopped and only became a very sore headache, but I started recognising the symptoms earlier (just a slight, [COLOR="black"]momentary[/COLOR] sharp pin like pain in my left eye) and earlier so that even the headache was only a mild one. Now I don't even get headaches!

    My doctor even rang me up to take part in a new pilot scheme for migrane control and was disappointed when I told him I no longer had migranes.

    I guess what I'm saying is 'prevention is better than cure' and the earlier you recognise the symptoms, the better. I remember when my son was in hospital getting his appendix out and the theatre nurse said for him to apply morphine on the applicator 'watch' as soon as he felt pain, as it was easier to stop the pain from happening than remove it when it was very sore - (sounds sensible)

    Try it! Try and be aware as soon as you can and take medication. I hope really hopes this tip helps someone who suffers from migrane.

    Here's a home made remedy for migraine and headache sufferers.

    Put a tea strainer over a cup or mug. Put a teaspoon or so of dried Rosemary or the leaves from a 3cm sprig of fresh Rosemary into the tea strainer and pour boiling water over the Rosemary until the water is almost at the top of the strainer.

    Now cover with a saucer. This is necessary to prevent the essential oils from the Rosemary from evaporating.

    Leave for 10 minutes then remove the saucer and the strainer. Drink the Rosemary infusion.

    This works apparently by opening up the blood vessels to the brain. I've also made some in a flask and used it 10 minutes before sitting exams or going for an interview.

    It works for my wife's migraine too.

    Let me know if it works for you.

    The ''visual' part of a migraine is known as an aura I believe.

    I usually get an aura lasting for about 30 minutes, another 10 minutes or so after the aura has gone I'll get a severe headache and nausea. Usually I vomit twice, which gives enough relief for me to be able to sleep the rest of it off.

    I do the same thing as michaelmakro, I've learned to tell when I'm getting them, and if I can catch it early enough then I can avoid it.

    Also, I believe my migraines are triggered by stress and caffeine. I've managed to eliminate caffeine from my diet, which has made a big difference. There's not so much I can do about the stress. I remember one occassion, towards the end of the deadline for my dissertation, I received an email from my tutor, which basically amounted to me having to do a lot more work and then give a presentation right before the deadline. I was already cutting it quite fine, so I was panicking a bit. Within about 30 seconds I had an aura, which was terrifyingly fast to appear.

    there is a beautiful book written by oliver sacks about migraines in all their splendour and variety. it is a good read anyway, but if you are suffering from migraines it will help you understand your condition better and also probably make you feel better when you hear about the extreme migraines some other people suffer.…-11

    thanks people for the tips, i didnt realise so many here suffer it too.

    i started having migraines when i was in my teens ... it's almost as bad as period pains lol, crawling up the walls type. i just try go to sleep if i can, i remember visions of setting my head on fire lol (not really, just envisioning extreme pain helps so my actual pain isnt so bad after all). i get them when i am very stressed, been working too many hours, had too much coffee/red bull mix (i dont drink RB now), coffee mixed with orange in 24 hours ... u soon learn to watch out for triggers and avoid them. the head starts pounding and vision starts going so it's hard to do work on the computer soon afters. usually i just plod on ... or try get some sleep.

    thankfully these days i dont have to take ponstan hi-dose pills anymore just solpadeine plus (fizzy ones) usually do the trick and sleep it off. funny enough, my mother had migraine too.

    think there is a migraine society you can find info from – they tell u to record each instance so u keep tab of what the triggers are.

    The worst one I had started off with kind of 'tunnel vision' - everything at the side of my vision went blurred and it was like I could only see straight ahead of me and nothing else. It was on my way to work, unfortunately. I was in the office for about 30 minutes, then felt so sick I had to get them to call me a car to take me home again! Soon as I walked into the house I threw up. Never had one that bad again, thankfully!

    Watching Cloverfield on DVD gave me a headache the other night - I thought it was just a normal headache, but then I read something about how some cinemas had actually put signs up warning people who had vertigo or migraines that they should be careful! The film has caused many migraines and headaches for those who are prone to them, apparently.

    Mine always seem to start with a kind of numbness across the bridge of my nose as if I have been punched ! also I feel as if I'm full of electric which is very strange! ... then within minutes my eyesight starts to deteriorate on one side, sometimes both and I start to see bright Yellow Zig-zags to the side/sides of my vision, then I get the colours flashing away! Quite spectacular really ............... I have learnt to just enjoy it, lay back & enjoy the show ..... it frightened me at first as I never knew what it was. I only started to get this about 10 years ago & it only happens a few times a year, & the whole 'performance' lasts for about 40 mins & then I'm left with a dull headache for a couple of hours. Not nice but mild compared to most.

    I get this when im going to get a migraine. so once i start not being able to focus on writing and things i take a few painkillers before it kicks in. Its horrible... lasts for days dont eat or anything just try to sleep to get threw it. also try not to OD on painkillers.... not good at all....


    i suffer them to x thats why i was off the other night

    Once had my vision deteriorate with black spots in front of my eyes on public transport...that was horrible. Touch wood that was a while ago and nothing since.

    "its only a headache...whats all the fuss" If only he knew!!!

    I used to think the same... until I got my first migraine. A headache is nothing compared to that.



    Nothing works for my mediacation wise, Can the doctors give you anything? … Nothing works for my mediacation wise, Can the doctors give you anything? I have gotten stuff from the chemist but its useless.

    There's plenty of perscription drugs out there for migraine - definately go see your GP if the OTC stuff isn't cutting it.:thumbsup:

    My oh gets severe migraines. She went to see the doctor and he checked her diet etc and it turned out that it is oranges/orange flavouring that triggers them for her.

    Even if she was to eat something as small as an orange flavoured wine gum she would almost certainly be guaranteed to take a migraine. It is known that certain dairy products can also trigger them in people. For anybody who takes them regularly, it would be worthwhile to note down what you were eating around the time the migraine occured to see if you can pinpoint the cause.


    I have noticed I am liable to get them if I eat things with cheese … I have noticed I am liable to get them if I eat things with cheese in...maybe I should stop eating cheese:oops:...

    Cheese is definitely one of the main triggers of migraines. ]Heres a link with some information regarding migraines. It lists cheese, red wine, chocolate and citrus fruits as the most common causes.

    orange + chocolate or coffee - definite no no.

    my vision splits jsut before a full blown migraine. Usually horazontally. Its the weirdest thing like someone taken a picture cut it in half and the stuck it back together with one half a centimeter higher than the other.

    Then I feel like my brains exploded and my ears are bleeding.

    I take migra-leave i think that's the name of them you get the pink and yellow tablets. I think its pink first then if it persists you take the yellow one.
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